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IVE 아이브 ‘I AM’ MV Reaction

#ive #iam #아이브 #アイヴ

Caley and Gabriella react to IVE 아이브 ‘I AM’ MV a new Kpop music video! This is our first time reacting to the female Kpop group IVE and we’re excited to see what they have in store for us. IVE is a six-member girl group that debuted in 2021, and they have already made a name for themselves in the K-pop industry with their impressive vocals and dynamic performances. ‘I AM’ is their latest release, and it showcases their signature pop sound and beautifully executed choreography. One interesting aspect of the ‘I AM’ MV is the group’s fashion choices. In this video, they dress in professional attire and luxury clothes, showcasing a more mature and sophisticated image. This is a departure from their previous music videos, which featured more youthful and playful fashion. In addition to their impressive musical talents, IVE has also been praised for their strong and supportive bond as a group. They have expressed a desire to be positive role models for their fans and to use their platform to spread messages of self-confidence and empowerment. The ‘I AM’ music video is a visually stunning and captivating experience, with each member showcasing their individual style and personality. The choreography is impressive, and the group’s synchronized dance moves are sure to leave an impression. The music video is a beautiful celebration of individuality, self-expression and has a meaningful message in regards to aspirations, living life and elevation. This video contains a first time KPOP reaction to IVE 아이브 ‘I AM’ MV. This new official MV for IVE 아이브 ‘I AM’ showcases exceptional talent and ability to grasp listeners attention. We are super excited to explore the Kpop genre even more. This Kpop IVE music video reaction includes a full couples reaction and Kpop fans reaction and review for IVE 아이브 ‘I AM’ MV. This video includes Caley and Gabriella’s opinions and thoughts. More first time Kpop reactions coming soon!

They break down what they found interesting + the hidden/possible symbolism in every other scene and much more!

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Original Video:

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