Ga. SOS Raffensperger gives bad info. to POTUS

President Trump has filed both a federal and a state lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger after he leaked a confidential phone call with the President. One America’s Christina Bobb has more.

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  • Its time we go Pablo Escobar on these assholes.

  • A person who was in the right and new it would not do something like that.

  • Brad will look great in bright orange clothes on a federal everything-included vacation

  • I didn't know somebody could spew that much bull💩 in one breath.

  • Fantastic! It is about time this man is taken down. GO President Trump!

  • Trump generously gave Raffensperger a final chance to do what is right, he threw a lifeline to him. Raff is relying totally on Biden being inaugurated, and if that happens all the sewage and corruption will be miraculously flushed away and he'll stay in his job. He's gambling it's safer for him to sit tight, which begs the question why would a Republican think that, unless he has incriminating dealings with the Left. Perhaps the CCP did a honey trap on him like they did with Swallwell? When the President of the USA offers you the chance to do what is right for the country without there being any recriminations then commonsense says you should take the deal. Once the deal is off the table, there's only hard time left.

  • his brother works for huawei in china…..hummm

  • Oooooo….

    He's going to jail.

  • LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why can't we just beat them already

  • NBC this morning said all the votes wont be counted today , setting the table for 2 a.m ballot dump.

  • It's time for Martial Law…

  • Way to go Brad Raffensperger I listen to the phone call and it made you guys look even more corrupt!! I don’t know why everybody calls this the Republicans trying to overturn the election. To me it looks like President Trump outright won the election and the Democrats are getting caught red handed in an election scandal. I find it funny how Democrats sit there and tell you how moral they are and it is very apparent that they are the crookedest, lying, scheming, dirty cheating, soulless people out there. Don’t worry I think Mitch McConnell, Lyndsey Graham and countless other Rhino’s are in the same group.

  • 🇺🇸 TRUMP PENCE 🇺🇸

  • These politicians have completely lost their minds. In what universe is it ever legal to record and distribute a private conversation with a sitting president? I listened to the entire call. RiffRaffensperger is trash! Trump gave him every chance to come correct and be honest. Now he will burn, too.

  • Drain the swamp, hold them accountable!

    Drag them out of office!

  • so when you go before a judge and you lie once that would be the edited phone call then say their was no shredding of ballets yet a ton of witnesses say there was this is called a pattern of lying not only is it immoral but it is highly illegal he can be charged with interfering with a federal election

  • State Secretary CCP

  • Military courts will find the truth
    State and federal systems are compromised

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