One America News 6AM 1/11/2021 | OAN BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 6AM Jan 11, 2021

One America News 6AM 1/11/2021 | OAN BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 6AM Jan 11, 2021


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • I watched an interview last night with a gentleman by the name of Michael Von a war correspondent talking about protests he has observed call over the world. At the protest in Hong Kong he spoke about the tactics they used. He also mentiined. antifa members had gone to Hong Kong for training and what he observed in DC on the 6th is a number of identifying behaviors exhibted by those there on the 6th as being the very same as he had seen in Hong Cong. He called what happened with those he observed involved a false flag. What he meant by that is a tactic taken by those wanting to infiltrate a praceful group is to dress as though they are a part of being the same. What happened was well orchestrated and planned. Some people might be fooled by what happened but these instigators were paid provocateurs. Who knows if the truth will ever come out.

  • the DC riots are fram by De..rats

  • God bless you President Trump all people Whole World. God bless you all.🙏❤️🌞

  • Whatever happens, Trump will secure his 2nd presidency!! This is a MUST!!

  • How old is this? This is old news in the 6th…. bullshit

  • Its not over yet

  • Republicans You Lose are u stupid covering the president trump tracks

    Instructed so they destructed Rage cage

    the capitol hang up pence go after Pelosi

  • Trump supporters need to face reality, FACT: Trump got his ass kicked in the election. FACT: after Jan 20, Democrats control all 3 branches of Government FACT: go home you crybabies

  • Will never Embrace Joe Biden as president he must be impeached the same way they mad Donald Trump his life impossible in his presidency we must return the favor at all costs .



  • Antifa started it


  • Obviously the giant cheat total setup from the radical scandalous left Trump signed insurrection act brilliant “General lieutenant Michal Flynn” will take office as Vice President throwing the 25th amendment off the table ….. The geriatrics club in congress all should b in jail or on there way …

  • Everybody time is precious and now is the time for people to have an close relationship with God while they are still living and with that being said everyone don't let this moment pass without doing the right thing if anyone wants to change their life right now all they have to do is allow God to come into their life and make God leader of their life. For if they do they will become a winner in life, God will give them inspiration, God will help them experience true happiness, experience long lasting success all they have to do is make the best choice of their life right now and be inspired to start a close relationship with God by them praying to God everyday for his help in every decision of their life everyday and in every situation of their life everyday for I guarantee if they do this everyday then their life will get better, they will have more peace, they will be more successful, they will have more happiness, and all their dreams will come true that’s because when they pray to God then God will make all good things possible for them and they must not forget to read the “Holy Bible” everyday and a great place for them to start in the holy Bible is (Psalms 1) and everyday after that read a chapter in Psalms till they finish all the chapters in Psalms then after that start on (Proverbs 1) then everyday after that read a chapter in Proverbs till they finish all the chapters in Proverbs and after that read every chapter of the Holy Bible until they finish it for it will change their life in the most amazing way

  • antifa blm stormed the white house….not trump supporters…

  • What a bullshit host! It were ALL Trumpers. Not antifa, not any left group wse. USA is so divided and part of it is because hosts like this give there very biased opinion , based on 1 video with one woman calling "Antifa"? He can't believe it was all Trumps fault? Trump rounded them up and cheered them on! It was a planned attack and Trump loved it. Crazy Trumpculters!
    Grtz fro te Netherlands

  • Why the hell are you so incompetent on uploading the correct episode? This is almost a week old and yet you posted it as if it was todays news. Either pay the fuck attention to what file your clicking on when you upload or just stop trying all together.

  • Why you call this breaking news?

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