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Exclusive: The Shocking Truth Behind the Attack on Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Breaking News: The Brazen Plot to Sully Professor Sonnenfeld's Reputation

Exclusive: The Shocking Truth Behind the Attack on Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

The Incredible Approval of a Putin-style Attack on Professor Sonnenfeld


New York ( — It’s lit in Swiss and German high society, ’cause Pro-Kremlin tales have become the new must-have accessory. The old-school title of Super Matryoshka has been replaced by the Super Troyanski Kon’. It’s all about who can pump out the most Pro-Kremlin propaganda! The winner wears the bragging rights! On a trip to Switzerland many years ago we encountered a Swiss national named Roger Koeppel during a stay at a hotel near the airport in Zurich. We stumbled upon a talk show featuring Koeppel, and were intrigued by his presence. Years later, we encountered Koeppel again as the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Swiss website, where he recently published an article with the title “US Professor Criticizes Companies that do Business with Russia; His So-Called ‘List of Shame’ is a Shame in Itself.” The article was written by German journalist Oliver Stock. We immediately expressed disappointment with the personal insults directed towards Professor Sonnenfeld in the article, believing that it would have been more professional and constructive if the article had used facts and well-supported arguments. We emphasized the importance of promoting a civil and respectful tone in public discourse and reached out to Koeppel for his thoughts on the matter. In a second email, we informed Koeppel that we were writing a review of the Weltwoche article and offered him the opportunity to provide additional information or clarify any concerns. We emphasized the sensitivity towards the topic and our desire to represent his perspective accurately and fairly, offering him to arrange a phone call or email exchange to further discuss the matter. Of course, Mr. Koeppel chose not to answer. Well, that’s just a classic case of “no comment.” We’re bringing you some juicy bits from Oliver Stock’s write-up on Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, whom he describes with a sarcastic tone a prominent figure in the field who rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, suggesting it is a privilege only granted to a select few, calling Sonnenfeld sarcastically “The recipient of the honor.”


The Suspicious Love Affair with Swiss/German Medical Technology

The Brazen Plot

The German author mentioned Sonnenfeld’s “list of shame,” which publicly shames companies that trade with Russia, including many German medical technology companies. The author questioned the effectiveness of the list, stating it’s a shame in itself, and suggested that companies in the medical sector should continue trading with Russia despite the current conflict for the long-term success and viability of their business. He then asked the big question, “Outraged?” And before anyone can answer, he’s like, “Yeah, I know, right? Who wouldn’t be?” pause for dramatic effect. That’s right, he answered himself! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! The author ended his writings by saying he would not recommend to his children attending lectures given by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld. Can you even believe the audacity to drag Professor Sonnenfeld’s name through the mud like that? And get this, Roger Koeppel gave this article the green light for publication! It’s almost like Vladimir Putin wrote it himself, while sipping on a cocktail in his swanky Sochi bunker. But seriously, did anyone else suspect how the German author discovered his love for Swiss/German med tech so suddenly? Oh boy, hold onto your hats, folks! This guy is living in a complete fantasy world! He thinks Russia will still be a thriving market after all is said and done, but little does he know that the Russia of Vladimir Putin we know might just go poof! We can barely contain our emotions at the thought of it. Yikes! Uh oh, things must be getting pretty dire if the author is suggesting companies play ball with Russia despite the current conflict! But, wait, they’ve got a rationale behind it all – they believe trading with Russia is the key to their long-term business success. And, hold on a sec, the author is dropping some knowledge bombs, saying that smart business strategy involves being cool, calm, and collected instead of making decisions based on emotions. Who knew? We’re scratching our heads over those words. It’s like this dude’s moral compass has gone on a permanent vacation. German menace or every German’s secret desire? You decide. Perhaps Oliver Stock should impart his knowledge to the individuals in Ukraine who have experienced loss during the war. It is effortless to criticize Professor Sonnenfeld from the comfort of Germany without adequate evidence and sound arguments. Is this what qualifies as quality journalism? Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and the entire research team at Yale are not just contemporary heroes, but also figures of historical significance. The enlightened world has already acknowledged this, but it seems that Germany and Switzerland have yet to catch up.

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian