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EU Sanctions: Croatia and Hungary Cannot Save Milorad Dodik

The tragicomic drama of Serb tyrant Milorad Dodik

EU Sanctions: Croatia and Hungary Cannot Save Milorad Dodik

NEW YORK ( — This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is about the tragic and comical Serb dictator Milorad Dodik. Indeed, what may appeal as tragic to one will be comic to another. The most powerful Serb in Republika Srpska has its humorous side; that the pathetic is akin to the comical and laughter neighbor to tears are truisms of long-standing acceptance; while the comparison of life to a tragicomedy when it comes to Milorad Dodik is almost as old as the word itself. Here is what happened. After the EU Parliament called on the Council of Europe to impose sanctions against Milorad Dodik, he instructed his Croatian and Hungarian EU friends to block it. But unfortunately, his friends can’t help him as only 17 countries are needed to approve the EU sanctions against Milorad Dodik — it is a real mixture of tragic and comic parts. By the way, Croatia and Hungary make themselves punishable if they try to torpedo the sanctions against Dodik, since this kind of action is against the EU statutes.

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