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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld — Steven Tian: The Yale Revolution

Back in the day, a revolution started with somebody firing the first bullet

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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld — Steven Tian: The Yale Revolution

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has become increasingly isolated over the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Putin has developed an obsession with his role in history. People who were allowed to meet him only told him what he wanted to hear. This is how the miscalculation came about that one can overthrow Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government in a few days by invading Ukraine. After the war began, part of the Russian elite rallied around Putin in the face of massive propaganda that Russia’s existence was at stake. Because Russia has now had to give up positions in eastern Ukraine and Vladimir Putin has had to announce his “partial mobilization,” this unity is beginning to crumble. How do you think revolutions start? Back in the day, a revolution started with somebody firing the first bullet. But when it comes to Yale, they don´t need a gun, fist, or knife to do that. The best weapon it seems to us is information. The main outlines of the Yale revolution by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, the Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management at Yale School of Management, and Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies, best known as the founder and CEO of Chief Executive Leadership Institute (CELI), affiliated with Yale University, Steven Tian, the director of research at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute, and the amazing Yale research team, are only now beginning to be discernible. Amidst the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and the Yale research team were involved in efforts to encourage multinational businesses to exit Russia through the Yale CELI List of Companies. The fact appears to be that from and after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine the world is changing, and according to a SSRN paper titled “Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy,” by above mentioned scholars from Yale, it becomes clear: Business retreats and sanctions are crushing the Russian economy in the short term and the long term.

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Rats Have Been Said To Be The First To Sense An Impending Disaster, Such As A Sinking Ship

The idiom like rats fleeing a sinking ship, used in reference to people abandoning an enterprise once it seems likely to fail. Now as they were getting off, our psychiatrists noticed that a whole lot of Russian oligarch rats were coming up from downstairs and trying to leave the Kremlin ship. The Rich TVX News Network started to run after them, because chasing Russian oligarch rats had always been our favorite game. But anyone who really believes that the Russian oligarchs can just go to Putin and demand that he ends the war doesn’t understand Putin’s Russia. The sanctions were not even intended to do this. It was about stopping these criminal Russian oligarchs from using their power and influence in the West to undermine Western support for Ukraine. “The crisis in the world indicates the end of US hegemony and the possibility of moving towards a just and democratic multipolar world order.” This opinion was expressed by Sergey Lavrov at the general political discussion of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly. Basically, there is not much to comment on this pile of nonsense, except that God should have mercy on every poor creature which must live under the Kremlin´s democratic multipolar world order. The biggest threat to Vladimir V. Putin of Russia comes from his own security services. There are younger, more forward-thinking FSB members who, like their predecessors in the late Soviet 1980s, are noticing that Vladimir Putin’s course is leading to international pariah status of Russia. For these people, Russia can only compete with the United States of America if it is integrated with the West.

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