Dominion Sues Fox, Newsmax, OAN | Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly breaks down the Fox News controversy surrounding Dan Bongino’s interview with President Trump, and Dominion’s latest lawsuit against Fox, OAN & Newsmax.

In response, Newsmax said in part, “Newsmax simply reported on allegations made by well-known public figures…”

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  • So if they are suing does that mean they are going to open up access to the routers used during the election?

  • You work for a corporation you do what the corporation tells you. Know that from personal experience Shill, oh right it's Bill.

  • Dominion is going to bankrupt these traitors. Fat donnie is next.

  • If news agencies get sued for putting out fraudulent information or misinformation, then where are the lawsuits against CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC? These guys do it on a daily basis.

  • Get the cheaters.

  • Dominion machines help demented Biden cheat plain and simple.

  • Dominion is corrupt. If they were not guilty they would not have fought the audits

  • give it up reilly, one name you left out is mike lindell, it all over truth getting out on election fraud and how dominion was involved in voter fraud, no your place.

  • This "lawfair bovine feces" has got to stop! It is simply childish and juvenile. Unfortunately, too much of the Left has the deep pockets nowadays thanks in large part to the burgeoning yet still neophyte technology sectors, much of which includes innovators and company leaders who veer far Left (think Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Pichai, Bezos, Jobs' widow, among others. There are tons more in the Silicon Valley, all of whom are more than willing to throw away chunks of their billions of dollars in cash and net worth towards these lawfair quagmires that just gum things up. to wit, the Texas Democrats who fled Texas to avoid their constitutional duty to vote on a measure they didn't like are now suing the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, for "emotional abuse." Are you frickin' kidding me?!!

    What has happened to the integrity of our judicial system? What has happened to the right and fair governance of the mightiest nation in the history of the planet? The movement to take back our country from these hideous, possessive, and demonic nitwits is peeling back the layers of this sordid mess… and it's not just exposing the Democrats. It's exposing the RINOs, too, particularly the 12 Rep senators who lost their frickin' mind and voted FOR the infrastructure bill. It's been said – and it is totally ture – that we no longer have Dems and Pubs in DC. We now have a Uniparty, a party that puts on a good show of sparring on C-SPAN but that at the end of the day is a party of the most elite country club in the world. The so-called perks they receive is simply off the chart. Otherwise, how do they become millionaires while earning a Congressional or Senate salary? Hmmm??? Disgusting. Beyond disgusting.

  • That's like if little billy sued the kid he was bullying for calling him out for bullying, then lying about it. 😂

  • May be a GOOD THING

  • Soooo, It looks like Bandgino will be looking for work soon…. 🙂

  • I'm not sure why Bill mentioned Facebook. Fox edited the interview so it could be posted on their YouTube channel. YouTube will not allow videos that make claims about election fraud.

  • It's an intimidation tactic they've used before. The AZ report will be interesting.

  • Dominion really has something to hide the way they are suing everybody.

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