Congressman Massie:"Dr. Fauci Needs to be Fired" OAN 4/11/2021

In case you missed it, I appeared on One America News Network to discuss firing Dr. Fauci. I also spoke with OAN’s John Hines about the Center for Disease Control’s intentional misrepresentation of vaccine efficacy data.

I am a cosponsor of the “Fire Fauci Act.” In my opinion, Dr. Fauci has disqualified himself from his position for two reasons: he has failed to consider the comorbidity effects of poverty, and, after a year, he still doesn’t have an answer as to what conditions would allow the lifting of lockdowns.

Dr. Fauci is the highest-paid employee in the federal government, earning more than the president. He needs to be fired.


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  • You're the best Thomas!!!

  • That last part was so spot on

  • Thank you Rep Massie. Faux Dr Fauci needs to go. !! Please we need to clean Washington DC. Beyond the time For Fauci to leave. All the letter agencies need to be able to have anything to do with our health. Our health is between people and their Doctors. Your one of the good guys Rep Massie. Really looking out for Americans and our country. Fauci needs to be charged and put in Gitmo under the Patriot act.

  • Why haven't elected officials addressed the book "Covid 19 Human Behavior" by Dr. Anthony Napoleon? It makes the government, Dr. Faucci, and the media look like they are hiding crucial facts from the public to protect the profits of slaughterhouses. It's wrong to abuse animals and it's wrong to hide the truth about the source of the pandemic.

    Rep. Massie – Thank you for addressing the seemingly dangerous Dr. Faucci. We need real expert input, not media darlings. Dr. Faucci comes off looking like a quack and a prima donna. His scattered behavior has me question the intellectual power of every member of Congress.

  • Fired? He needs to be imprisoned for continuing his illegal gain of function experiments in direct violation of Congress and international law!

  • What about the people that got the Jab and still got clovis?

  • It's OK the bill and Melinda Gates foundation for population control will still pay his little evil Dr. minguella ass

    Go get him Thomas!

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