Big Tech Totalitarians

Chris Salcedo slams ‘Big Tech Totalitarians’ and their ‘regulations’ targeted against conservative thought, he examines the rules put in place by the major social media companies and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘The Chris Salcedo Show.’

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  • Big tech runs the country. They have a big influence.

  • Not to mention everyone on twitter now has the mentality of the left idiots

  • Trump the war coward who refused to serve his country and lied about it. And went broke 5 times!

  • Turn them off. Facebook and Twitter. Don’t need them lived for 75 years without relying on social communication


  • I don't have FB,TWI all any of that garbage

  • MeWe = Facebook, Rumble= YouTube, Parler = Twitter, DuckDuckgo = Google…go ahead people you can’t do it 👍 war to the “dictatorial media’s “

  • Newsmax. Go in the basement.

  • they should fine every time they remove any comment from any citizen, every state should take example of FLORIDA.

  • I have to disagree with you on “its their choice” its all social media which means everybody can be social and this being the USA also means free speech. They should do what they were designed to do. Choosing who gets to be social is no difference then the 40s in Germany. They need to stop being a dictatorship, stay out of politics and stop being anti-American. Respect all people!!!

  • They can fire people for not supporting the same views as they do. They can discriminate against certain people and refuse them service? Supposedly this is because these people are discriminating against one of THEIR sacred cows. THEY can do things others are not allowed to do. How is THAT not illegal? Private business or not? If it is illegal for one it is illegal for the other. These companies are monopolies and should be broken up.

  • Chris Salcedo is the man!

  • Can you please check your sound at the end with Emma, the sound clip is LOUD, not all but most…

  • Please work on the sound level, the ending clip is twice as load and jumps up all at once.

  • "someone should do something" should be the new american national anthem. if the amount of hours spent towards pointing out their flaws had been spent fixing them, america would be the ideal that they think they are.

  • How come this country allow private companies to be stronger than Government❓May be because the freedom was to confident ❓

  • Can't wait for these dictators owning the web go bankrupt and are replaced by a source reasonable and fair.

  • I suggest everyone get over those platforms! Get off of them and let them wither without you instead of bitching about them!

  • The majority of woke liberal democrats are unattractive people. Just look at the founder of Facebook and Twitter. While conservatives are attractive intellectual people.

  • Ty, CHRIS..I LOVE TRUTH… THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOUR SHOW.. I also left twitter and fb jan. 8 2021.. Never again

  • Censoring 1|2 the nation ‘We the People’ is dictatorship! USA is operating on 1 cylinder on a (2cylinder) engine!

  • big tech is NOT exempt from decimation lawsuits and in the labor laws they are decimationing against content creators by shadow banning them and not letting them earn the same amount of money as left wing people that should fall under the labor decimation laws

  • Do NOT question great leader Jao Bai-don!

  • When Social Media is weaponized against the American people is it still a private business due legal rights ? NO

  • Chris is right we shouldn't legislate free speech or the lack of upon private companies, we would be stooping to their level. Perhaps a conservative form of Facebook and Twitter a little competition.

  • The power crazy idiots,and that's ALL of the ones who have power over the people think that they are untouchable, but what they don't realize is that one day they will pay dearly for their actions, what goes up…..

  • these communists will fall.

  • And democrats don't punish this people so they agree with them. But at the same time they complain for freedom of speech Nicaragua in 1979 with what face.

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