Biden's National Security Policies Are Making Us Less Safe | Ken Cuccinelli on One America News

Heritage Visiting Fellow Ken Cuccinelli joined One America News, Friday, April 16, to talk about the latest on national security, the threats the U.S. faces from our border and Iran and China, and why we need strong policies to defend our interests.

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  • Trump made Very Beneficial Agreements with Several Countries. Even though This Administration KNOWS that Trump's Agreements were GOOD for The USA, they are Determined to Reverse Everything, even if it Destroys America.

  • Under this Administration, we are Witnessing the systematic Destruction of the Ecomony and
    The United States of America.

  • Ken Cuccinelli + Donald Trump = Great Team = SUCCESS! Buy-Den+ Anyone =- total FAIL!

  • The stolen election was the Democrats only way to continue Obama's destruction of America.Democrats now Communists have worked on this for 6-7 decades and finally in 2008 got the voters dumbed down enough to commit suicide

  • Yes!..Cuccinelli has discussed the border crisis most often since January, so it's good that OAN's Dan Ball encourages to speak of larger foreign affairs!…
    Dozens of nations have concerns about Iran's threats to peace now..Dan Ball boldly says that OAN certainly knows about how the CCP bribed the crack-addict and his dad, so Cuccinelli emphasizes that the new policies towards China are thoroughly unrealistic…

  • Current US policies that implicitly relies on Israel to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facilities is a pathetic policy at best.

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