Biden's acting weird | Greg Kelly

While Trump gets some rest, Biden does ‘weird’ things and the National Guard is ‘disrespected’ by Democrats. Greg reacts. – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • I love Our President Trump

  • Why didn’t they send in the troops when they were destroying city’s,burning building,breaking in ,stealing,destroying statues, that was the deep state. When people were crying for help and people getting killed,that was not ok ,and yes our election was stolen. And we all know it .

  • This speaker is far less than Kayleigh

  • where were the women guardspersons?

  • Notmypotato

  • It would not matter if Joe Biden died. . Big -Tech, MSM & China are running the country Already. . .ANYWAY ! ! . . .of course the Biden-crime Family will still get Paid-Off ! !


  • Biden is peeing himself, that's why he's acting weird !

  • The Demoncrats and their globalist accomplices are fast forwarding us to the end of time apocalypse that they want so badly.

  • this man is not acting like nothing this man is doing what he believes in his mind that he should do no one in the armed forces respect this as his or their president , this man cares nothing for the soldiers I think if president Trump commands the soldiers to do something I think the soldiers would follow him , as this man continues to progress in his negative behavior toward the people , the country and his armed forces this country is beginning to come to terms with the reality that this man was a big mistake , now even most of the democrat people are turning against him for the rolling back of the presidents orders and the thousands of jobs this man took from the oil lines and the wall in the same way this criminal mafia head of the Biden family took the presidency by telling lies that everyone saw him tell on national TV it is the same way this man is now telling the world that he lied on the promises he made and now by his action people are now being convinced that what others were telling them about this man who committed crimes on national TV and latterly told on himself of the things they were doing to steal this election on top of all the evidence the courts rejected to look at because they were all against trump and were all sellouts and bought with china's money , now the people are really realizing the error of their ways but this is only the beginning, this man is an eminent danger to the future of the republic and the freedoms of the people and to the whole of the USA it is now that after the actions of this man first day that people can see that this Administration is in reality the domestic enemies of the USA and as they have being known to blame us for the very same thing they do and for the things they are this people re going to destroy the USA if we the people let this administration do what ever they want to do they must be stop at all turns at every time this man seeks to do anything we must go against it so he wont be able to do nothing and that new party Trump wants to put up and build yes that must take place immediately because it is right about now the one thing that can save this country

  • Since when did Fancy Piglosi gain the Constitutional Authority to become Screecher-n-Chief of our military?

  • If you are celebrating on Federal grounds, you don't need a mask…Do as I say not as I do! Constant double standards from Biden….constant!🤦‍♀️

  • We want President Trump…

  • Still my President🇺🇸💪🏻

  • Proof that the covid is RACIST . It doesn't touch the white "ELITE". But for the common white, black, red, brown, and yellow , it's hunting us down. LMBO

  • Uh uh uh uh uh uh uhhh

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