The Kubera Principle

President Joe Biden declared that “Vučić must go.” US forces could be used to apply indirect pressure on the Serbian dictator.

Biden Accuses Aleksandar Vučić of ‘Threatening National Security’

How Aleksandar Vučić Actually Started His War With The United States

Biden Accuses Aleksandar Vučić of ‘Threatening National Security’

NEW YORK ( – With the full support of the US Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, and the US Department of State, the starting point for the Rich TVX News Network was a review of the charges against Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić, including a presentation by the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Initially it looked as if Aleksandar Vučić might be different from his political father Vojislav Šešelj, founder and president of the far-right Serbian Radical Party (SRS); convicted of war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), a kinder, more lenient leader. As one State Department participant later summarized that review, the Bureau of Intelligence and Research said in effect that Vučić runs Serbia but Vučić is corrupt. The Vučić regime’s actions and policies, pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and with President Joe Biden´s Executive Order intended to update US sanctions policy regarding Balkan corruption and political destabilization activities, America’s one-of-a-kind extraterritorial manhunt for Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić is now officially under way. In other words, despite the appealing image of a third-world David battling the Goliath of the US Government, it is highly unlikely that history will be so kind to Aleksandar Vučić. President Joe Biden declared that “Vučić must go.” US forces could be used to apply indirect pressure on the Serbian dictator.

President Joe Biden Declared That “Vučić Must Go”

Nikola Sandulović, The Head Of Serbia’s Main Opposition

Sources Expect Biden To Announce A Special Taskforce On Aleksandar Vučić

In contrast, Aleksandar Vučić was just one of hundreds of potential suspects identified at the ground level in the daily combat against corruption raging in the Balkans, but it has recently come to light that under Aleksandar Vučić, victims were regularly filmed while being tortured by Veljko Belivuk, aka Velja Nevolja, and members of his criminal group (who were arrested in a major MUP and BIA operation), so that the tapes could be played back to him and his family as light entertainment. Who in their right minds would want to know of, or sit down and watch, such film material? And had Aleksandar Vučić only been as smart about the gringos as he thought he was, he might have started worrying as soon as Joseph R. Biden Jr. was elected the 46th president of the United States, because the dictator had put all cards on Trump. The dual attacks on New York and Washington on 9/11, and the scar they imprinted upon the national psyche, instilled a new sense of urgency to threats to the national security of the United States. Sources expect Biden to announce a special taskforce on Aleksandar Vučić at the State Department to intensify economic and political pressure on Belgrade. In order to cut off another potential escape route for Vučić, China will be warned, just like Russia.

Nikola Sandulović Has Become An Internationally- Known Symbol Of Resistance

Nonetheless, this Rich TVX News Network story takes you inside the corrupt, bizarre, byzantine world of Serbian power politics, a world full of Russian spies and double dealings. The wind of change is blowing all across Serbia, but the country runs the risk of becoming isolated, as Aleksandar Vučić committed countless atrocities, stole public funds, took unfair advantage of his power, and corrupted the Serbian society. Therefore, the United States feels obliged to remove a dictator it had long supported because of the Serbia- Kosovo dispute but who had become a public embarrassment. The US Government has ordered the immediate arrest of Aleksandar Vučić should the dictator set foot on United States territory. The fight to overthrow Aleksandar Vučić and his regime has two heroes, President Joe Biden and Nikola Sandulović. Joe Biden has a shot to be one of America’s great presidents, while Serbia´s next president Nikola Sandulović has become an internationally- known symbol of resistance to the Vučić dictatorship, a hero of mythic proportions who inspires people all over the Balkans. Fearful of defeat, Vučić ordered his criminal cartel to intimidate the opposition and its supporters, and had detained his political opponent Nikola Sandulović, the head of Serbia’s main opposition to the regime, and is now arresting journalists. Aleksandar Vučić is running the intelligence apparatus, the secret police in Serbia. And he has masterminded a system of repression that is very brutal. Aleksandar Vučić dismissed charges by The New York Times as “imbecilic” because they were based on accusations of Vučić as Chinese puppet. Nevertheless, the implementation of President Joe Biden´s Executive Order will largely be carried out by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), working in coordination with the State Department. In Washington, where the EO had passed, US officials began incorporating a new anti- Vučić line, and one of them recalled meeting Vučić last year: “I found Vučić an unappealing man, with his strange face, beady, darting eyes, and arrogant swagger. I immediately had the crawling sense that I was in the presence of evil.”

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Although the State Department took a more aggressive view, the Biden administration’s pursuit of Aleksandar Vučić was crippled by internecine bureaucratic squabbling that resembled the three-way gun fight at the end of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The case against Vučić languished in bureaucratic faintheartedness, as under the Vienna Convention, Aleksandar Vučić enjoys the highest degree of immunity from the law. This means he cannot be handcuffed, arrested, detained, or prosecuted by US law enforcement officials while on his official state visit. It also means that his property or residences cannot be entered or searched, but the United States is a very large, very powerful country, as just because immunity is a commonly agreed-upon principle in the international community doesn’t mean it’s always respected, that means that the dictator is nowhere safe. In what would become one of the more comically surreal aspects of Aleksandar Vučić´s visit to the United States, last September, when US customs officials asked Vučić to open his suitcases, he refused. He said he was the President of Serbia and claimed immunity, but the officials weren’t impressed. So how did the dictator lose the favor of the United States? Well, quite simply, he was brought into power to solve the Serbia- Kosovo dispute, but once in power, Vučić went rogue. He is also known to be passing classified information to Russia, China, and regimes in the Middle East. The US intelligence agencies continue to believe that Vučić’s time is over, while State Department officials advocated special force be used to oust Aleksandar Vučić, suggesting a surgical strike by special operations teams to capture Vučić.