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From Russo-Ukrainian War to World War 3

Statement by Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia

From Russo-Ukrainian War to World War 3

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — Western leaders piled on military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine and denounced Kremlin’s invasion of its neighbour as “barbarism”. President Joe Biden said at a press conference in Brussels that NATO is united amid the conflict in Ukraine. Biden also said he supported expelling Russia from the G20, but the EU is split on Russia oil sanctions, since the Kremlin has largely infiltrated the EU. The United States and its allies ramped up pressure on Kremlin over its invasion of Ukraine, as Washington imposed fresh sanctions on dozens of Russian defense companies, hundreds of members of its parliament and the CEO of the country’s largest bank. History always comes down to the details. And when it comes to the traitors and Putin’s friends in Europe, the details are crucial, especially when such an era-defining geopolitical events, even EU’s position is difficult to understand. On Red Square, musicians performed in front of a huge crowd. The highlight of the concert came with the firing of cannons and the ringing of the Kremlin bells. The sun was shining and there was a sense of triumph about Angela Merkel’s farewell visit on the square when she arrived. Putin welcomed Merkel with flowers during meeting in Moscow last August. After 16 years at the helm of the German government, Angela Merkel stepped down. Aleksandar Vučić, bloodthirsty dictator of Serbia, always complained about how when Angela Merkel would come to Moscow she would be greeted with a red carpet and a real Kremlin reception and so on, but for him — the leader of a pro-Russian and anti-NATO country — the reception was a yawn. That’s because Vladimir Putin never gave a damn about the useful idiot from Serbia Aleksandar Vučić. It had become a running joke in the Kremlin at meetings that Aleksandar Vučić was always worried about sticking his foot in his mouth on various issues by using taboo words. In his public appearances, Vladimir Putin tried to maintain the bluff and vivid image of his days when he was really ruling Russia, but his health, the pressure of the war with Ukraine, wore away at him to such a degree that today he resembles some of the dinosaurs of the Kremlin Politburo. But, yes, ego still playes a role.

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The European Union Is Currently Assessing All Scenarios – Blessed Are Those Who Believe It

Serbia has not joined EU sanctions on Russia ever since they were first introduced, but Vladimir Putin has always seen Aleksandar Vučić only as scum – a dirty traitor who has betrayed the Serbian people and is constantly currying favor with the Kremlin. Nevertheless, the malevolence of Aleksandar Vučić and the vanity of Vladimir Putin do not stand in the way. The same goes for Milorad Dodik, by the way. Angela Merkel was known for speaking Russian and keeping very close diplomatic ties with Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. But even a Stasi agent like Angela Merkel was not able to reach the pathetic level of Aleksandar Vučić´s pandering to the Kremlin. Serbian nationalists and Russia’s appartschicks enjoy such close relations that they consult each other almost on a daily basis. Aleksandar Vulin seemed nervous and ill prepared. He spoke in a disjointed fashion, using notes jotted hastily on his notice block. “Serbia will never be part of the anti-Russian hysteria in which the property of Russian citizens and the property of the Russian Federation is sized, just as Serbia will not ban Russian media or expel Russian children and delete Russian writers and scientists from school textbooks,” said Aleksandar Vulin, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia. These statements are a disgrace to the Serbian nation. A mockery if you consider the countless people killed in Ukraine. The pro-Russian stance of these people derives largely from conviction and from an ideological affinity with Putin’s Russia. It is a stupendous moment in the story of mankind, but Europe could do more when it comes to Ukraine, even the European Union is currently assessing all scenarios, including the possibility of a halt in Russian gas supply to the EU next winter as an alibi. The war is to be the final act in a drama of Shakespearean intensity. For four weeks now, Putin was telling Russians on the TV how confident he was that Russia will win. For his fight against communism in Serbia, Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, is praised and admired throughout the world. We received a statement on the subject from Nikola Sandulović, the undisputed leader of the opposition in Serbia, as follows:

Statement by Nikola Sandulović

“For the current situation in the EU, I blame solely Germany and directly Angel Merkel. I said and warned that in 2017. No one listened to me or believed me then! Today, because of that, we have an almost certain war in the whole of Europe, i.e. possible third world war! For the past 10 years, America has been asleep and lulled by false reports from the EU. During that time, Russia used its corrupt practices, through its biggest secret ally of Germany, ie Angela Merkel, to buy cheap gas and launder its stolen money from Russia in Germany, to build its intelligence and cooperation empire through the corrupt EU parliament, and thus acquired permanently Western allies against the interests of America. Russia, with the help of Germany, quietly occupied the EU with the help of criminal money and cheap energy which Germany earned and built its political and economic power in Europe. Russia has made Germany a leader in the EU and through it has achieved its political and economic goals. This today resulted in double and dishonest actions of Germany towards America, both in relation to sanctions against Russia and its unequivocal and public condemnation of the bloody war in Ukraine. It is Germany that has been concluding secret agreements with Russia for years behind the backs of America, and in that way undermining American domination and the very existence of the EU community. Thanks to that and such an economic and political situation, Germany managed to completely dominate the EU with that criminal capital and take the lead on all issues of the EU’s internal and foreign policy. That is one of the many reasons for Britain’s exit from the European Union. Britain remains ALWAYS faithful to American policy and will never allow any political, military, or criminal cooperation with communist Russia. NOW America must very quickly and sharply expose the entire communist corrupt Russian system that came to life in the German government and the EU Parliament with the help of ANGELA MERKEL’S STAZI and thus saves the EU from Russian influence completely. The problem is bigger because the whole system of associates of the Russian FSB in the governments of Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina was installed through Germany-MERKEL years ago. Accordingly, my advice to the United States and the United Kingdom is to URGENTLY, PUBLICLY, and COMPLETELY expose the entire intelligence corrupt system in the EU, which was and remains tied to the Russian FSB and Vladimir Putin. Otherwise, if it is prolonged and a taking view of the political consequences it would cause in public, I am afraid that this will be the cause of a real war in the whole of Europe. Now is the time to publicly know who belongs to whom and to prevent Russian domination over Europe at the last minute.”

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