AT&T Bankrolled Extreme Right-Wing Network

Court documents have revealed that AT&T bankrolled One America News and even encouraged the right-wing network’s creation.
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  • Tim Black is the shit.

  • Time to sell my ATT stock!

  • 🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • AT&T just got caught in 4K.

  • Att one of many scumbag corporations

  • I have DirecTV, and this is strongly making me consider dropping them and going to our only cable operator. I'm fucking pissed that DirecTV would fund and operate a fucking MISINFORMATION NETWORK on their distribution platform. I've had to watch some of OANN's content, and warn my elderly parents that OANN is literally full of lies. I can't convince them to stop watching the lies of Fox Network, that's been around too long for them to be able to see the truth of how Fox has changed since 1996. For an information network to start spreading disinformation is the height of criminality. AT&T needs to be sued for helping to instigate the 01/06/2021 DC sedition riots using OANN to spread lies about the election.

  • home depot, etcetc



  • Now that AT&T got caught with panties down they're so silent you can really hear a pin drop. 😂

  • Act Tv, can you please research & advocate for full intellectual property (IP) abolition? This is the most important activist aim for working class people! A just economy (& most leftist projects) has very little chance without first abolishing IP. IP is the most severe & oppressive tool of the rich & powerful.

    Please see the work of Stephan Kinsella, Michele Boldrin, & David K. Levine. These are the best experts on intellectual property in the world. Everyone who cares about seriously improving things for humanity needs to know what IP abolition is about.

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