‘Locked Up’ Texas Salon Owner Fights Back

RSBN’s Brian Glenn sits down with Shelley Luther, who grabbed national attention last year for defying a restraining order that resulted in her going to jail. Luther talks about this ordeal and how she’s now on a quest to showcase local unsung heroes in our communities.

Luther is also scheduled to speak at CPAC 2021.

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  • Great rsbn have an studio now. 🙌

  • We will NEVER have another real election, if we do not fix Nov. 3rd. LETS TALK ABOUT THAT.


  • I can’t believe this. How can you be arrested for going to work and paying your tax ?!? Let me dying on the street ! Really appreciated your courage!

  • Thank you for sharing your story and being true to your personal conviction 💗

  • No Trump appearance, No Patriot Viewers? POTUS Trump leader of the Conservative Patriots.

  • Consider the fact that murderers have been released from prison due to "the vid" but salon owners like this lady have been thrown in jail for operating a small business. 🙄



  • love her –kick ass and never back down – against these living high off the hog on our taxes they MAKE US PAY ——- TRUMP WON BRING HIM BACK NOW

  • Don't forget. China and the socialist Dems created and released the wuhan virus on purpose. Crimes against humanity.

  • Look at that studio! Beautiful!
    Blessings and peace to you all!!!

  • Covid19 is a lie and it has been planned since 2005. Falsely he is a crook and I am so sick of these brainwashed liberals/Democraps they make everyone so stupid. I am an immigrant and I am glad I am not a goat following the gov. Every single branch is corrupt in US Gov. I a sick of it all. Lock them all up. They will never be accountable for anything stupid ass Democraps. This is a lie and a scam.

  • Hopefully they will drop all the charges the government went to far you should have never been locked up for working this is supposed to America land of the brave and Free. Starting to look more like north korea so sad.

  • Who/cdc there all full of it listen to this women she did this for all the right reason like she says she and others like her were given no choice

  • That stupid judge should be a wicked democrat.

  • Why is RSBN not on Bitchute/Rumble/Gab/ etc. ??? We want to get away from Youtube. Please spread your videos across all platforms.

  • During the hard and tough days the true heroes and people with courage show up – most unexpectedly.
    A true captain shows in a storm!

  • Awesome interview! This is how reporting should be!!! Thank you RSBN

  • Lockdowns will not end until we the people END it GOD bless

  • From one hairstylist to another, massive respect to this lady. We all have to pay bills and put food on the table. Children need clothes, and warm in cold weathers (heating cost, are not cheap)
    Well done to her loyal staff too. From Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Id be so lucky to have a boss like this… She is a friggin HERO in my books !

  • Glad she stood up for her 1st amendment! Never felt anything should be SHUT DOWN small business or Church! If you can leave Wal-Mart open… You can keep ALL business open!
    This was just a wicked plan to shut America down 4 changing USA🇺🇸

  • We have to stand up now!!!

  • NAME THE JUDGE! They need to be voted out

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