13-Minute News Hour w/ Bobby Eberle- Death of Education? Oregon Remove High School Standards 8/11/21

What’s the next step in the leftwing education plan? Just ask Oregon Gov. Kate Brown who signed a bill promoted by Oregon Democrats that eliminates education proficiency standards for high school students. Apparently, the leftwing remedy for educational “equity” is to make everyone stupid.

Oregon will eliminate proficiency standards for reading, math, and other subjects. This is happening as schools attempt to further indoctrinate our children with critical race theory and other leftist ideals. Is it any wonder that today’s students favor socialism in record numbers?

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:38 Oregon governor eliminates education proficiency standards
4:13 Senate passes infrastructure bill with GOP support
7:38 Border crisis worsens as drugs, covid pour in
9:59 Rashida Tlaib latest Democrat to go maskless

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  • Eliminate the middle class. Leave the elite and the worker bees.

  • Celebrate stupidity

  • liberalism is to a nation what cancer is to the human body and liberals are the tumors.

  • Purchase 100% Constitutionally legal fully automatic ghost guns, without serial numbers or required registration, to protect yourself against left wing liberal progressives who issue vaccine mandates. When purchasing online, I would recommend using a prepaid credit card that you used cash to purchase to limit traceability by the left wing liberal progressive fascists.

  • BLACKS WOW taking whites down WOW.

  • Second laptop loss by Hunter Biden.

  • Joe Biden TREASON.

  • Please don't listen to crazy looking lady.

  • Mitch McConnell looks dirty.

  • dragging us down to the lowest common denominator only hastens our journey towards becoming an idiocracy

  • US education died the moment Rockefeller bought it out in the 1910s-1920s.
    Rockefeller foundation.
    Progressive Education Association.

  • The dumbing down of America is here folks!!

  • Oregon ghetto as its best 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • The leftwing is trying to destroy the United Status. Destroy America education is one of the most important aspects to achieve their final goal.

  • This world is going insane. How can the voters of Oregon stand for this? This act by Oregon's Governor is an insult to minorities.

  • Public education attempts to make you smart enough to run the machines, but dumb enough not to ask questions. Modified George Carlin quote

  • Class Action Lawsuit to Remove Public Funds and Tax payers dollars from Even supporting any propaganda; non historical untruthful / non physical non scientific and only opinion based versions that are and evil non appropriate for strangers not parents teaching of masterbation and identity issues as well. Children are there to learn math reading proven science and proven history. Not propaganda and immorality. Big Shut down is needed if they insist on abusing children in their care like this which over all they now are

  • Kate Brown is a commie.

  • Your report isn’t entirely accurate. They are suspending the grad requirements for three years because of the pandemic where student learning was stunted. Their state standards will be reviewed and revised. The question is what will their new standards be?

  • This started happening a long time ago

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