Club Area 51 – Full Spectrum Dominance Alpha

Club Area 51 – Full Spectrum Dominance Alpha

The Very Best of Area 51 Records – Part 1

NEW YORK ( – The legendary record label Area 51 Records is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. As a result, has issued a six-part feature titled “The Very Best of Area 51 Records”. We cover the history of Area 51 Records including interviews with artists and industry figures associated with the label, such as StoneBridgeRain ManKurt Seidnitzer, and many more.

Everything you thought you knew about Electronic Dance Music changed in a flash, thanks to CLUB AREA 51 ‘Full Spectrum Dominance Alpha’. Like any good compilation, this selection draws from the very best of every sector of its target genre–the genre known as “dark bass”. Many tracks on this compilation are very dynamic and focus more on hard beat and bass. It’s probably one of the best dark bass sound collections in the new millennium incl. nonstop mix by Rain Man. It’s almost not worth listening unless you’re prepared to turn up the bass loud. It sounds like dark bass’s recent inroads into U.S. culture are just the beginning!

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