Yair Netanyahu's Interview About Israel's Political Situation | OAN

Please watch my interview about the political situation in Israel in One about the political situation in Israel


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  • Berjamin Netanyahu=berjamin todyahu

  • guys don’t worry Yair check all dms on instagram, he just doesn’t answer bc of his daddy xo

  • ראש הממשלה הבא .אין עליך ולא על אבא שלך שאפו

  • אלוף,אינטלגנט, כל הכבוד על הטקסט 💕

  • One America News from Trump's election disinformation to Yair Netanyahu's gasconade.

  • Sometimes RW = promoting national defense, preserving freedoms of individuals (esp those with initiative), checking power of bureaucracy, keeping taxes fair, promoting healthy family life, etc.
    Other times RW = protecting cartels and mafias (both secular and theocratic, both state and private), demonizing and strong-arming critics, preying upon the anxieties of low information voters, normalizing fake news, etc.

  • יאיר כל הכבוד לך כמו שאומרים התפוח לא נופל רחוק מהעץ יש לנו ראש ממשלה שהוא לא שלי ויש לנו ראש ממשלה חילופי שהוא גם לא שלי שילמדו לדבר

  • Yahir is the king . Yair we love you.

  • יאיר המלך

  • Yair is a wonderful son who reflects pride in the multitude of ways his father has been a huge blessing for his country. This makes many old f@rts jealous and they really enjoy picking on him. I am so proud of Yair and hope great things for this very fine young man. He is blessed of the Lord!

  • Littl Yair's assessment of the political situation in Israel is only guided by the horror that 'papa dear' has been ousted from his throne.
    In reality, if the Likud party got rid of Bibi, they would have got into power again.
    A new broom sweeps clean. Hope it cleans up the corruption in Israel fast.

  • עדיף לא להשתמש בבטוי "אבא שלי". אלא נתניהו. זה יתן הרבה יותר תוקף לדברים.

  • כדאי שתלמד את יאיר לפיד קצת אנגלית

  • כל הכבוד יאיר רהוט ומשכנע.

  • Netanyahu wants to be PM for life & he's under several indictments.Bennett was willing. to join a government with Likud, but Netanyahu couldn't form a government. A 5th election in just 2 years would be disastrous. The coalition agreement prevents any one party from instigating any extremist policies, leftist or rightist.

  • יישר כח ותודה

  • אבל עדיין לא החריב את ההסתדרות

  • APARTHEID regimes are EVIL,
    How do you like them Apple's SATINYAHU ?

  • Please check insta DM have been trying to reach you for a while

  • כל הכבוד יאיר 🇮🇱

  • נהדר 😍

  • Bibi and Trump were both attacked by the fake news leftist media and deep state and then removed from power in rigged elections. But I think both of them will return to power soon!

  • vog.fyi


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