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The involvement of Dodik in anything to do with Serbian affairs is the kiss of death

Who’s Afraid of Christian Schmidt As The Next High Representative In Bosnia?

Christian Schmidt to succeed Valentin Inzko as High Representative in August

Who’s Afraid of Christian Schmidt As The Next High Representative In Bosnia?

NEW YORK ( – The brutality and totalitarian nature of Milorad Dodik‘s regime was unthinkable back then when Dodik was named Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, as he pledged full compliance with the Dayton agreement reached at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. When the Radovan Karadžić forces threatened a coup against Dodik, NATO moved rapidly to head off the threat. The Dayton agreement was reflective of America’s ambition to end the war. In the years after Dayton, the United States defended the Dayton agreement, arguing that Dayton’s shortcomings were mainly due to the fecklessness and half-measures by those responsible for enforcing it. One day in Dayton just after the peace talks began, our people took Slobodan Milošević and some of the other Serbs through part of the air base’s museum and showed them a Tomahawk missile. The Tomahawk missile did not seem that big or dangerous, but Slobodan Milošević was very impressed. “So much damage from something so small,” Slobodan Milošević said. The conference was chiefly about maps, about trading land for land, and about making as many people as possible equally unhappy. But this time people are happy, and only a crooked Dictator in Republika Srpska is unhappy. Why is the dictator in depression? Well, the Ambassadors of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, the international body guiding Bosnia’s peace process, formally appointed Christian Schmidt as the next High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Christian Schmidt is a German politician of the centre-right Christian Social Union (CSU).

The Name Christian Schmidt Alone Freezes The Blood In Dodik`s Veins

Since leaving his government post, Schmidt has been serving on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and its Sub-Committee on the United Nations. Schmidt was appointed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community to serve on the committee that oversaw the preparations for the 30th anniversary of German reunification. In protest against Valentin Inzko’s politics and the way how he handled the David Dragičević case, we will not mention him at all in this report. The name Christian Schmidt alone freezes the blood in Dodik`s veins. No regime readily acknowledges error. Things have gone too far now and there is no turning back from the road that Milorad Dodik himself first opened up when he came to power on tanks. There is more despair and hopelessness buried in such words than there is in a whole library of movies devoted to the brutality of Balkan dictatorships and the terrible human costs of their wars. The peak of dictator Milorad Dodik’s Great Terror, as the first opposition figures were jailed or charged. Years of unremitting violence in Republika Srpska and the killing of David Dragičević have allowed skepticism, cynicism, and absolute distrust to grow alarmingly among us, but even the butcher Milorad Dodik from Banja Luka feels that a change is coming. The memories of what happened to David Dragičević is Dodik’s bitter legacy, which the people of Republika Srpska will have to live with long after he is gone. Milorad Dodik wakes up at night bathed in sweat, as he feels betrayed and sold out. Milorad Dodik despises Aleksandar Vučić, and believes that the United States, and Angela Merkel have organized Christian Schmidt behind his back to bring him down and that he is part of it, but that is only one side of the coin. The real catastrophe, however, is not the intellectual scene in Serbia; it is the mind-set exhibited by the intelligentsia of the Serbs, particularly those in Republika Srpska. The answers to these questions are going to determine whether or not the next generation of Bosnian Serbs will even have a future—much less what kind. “This Milorad Dodik is a criminal and he has led us all to destruction,” people say in Republika Srpska.

Nikola Sandulović, The Rising Star Of Serbia´s Opposition Politics

The Fatal Blow To The Dodik Regime Was Struck Not In Berlin But In Washington, D.C.

Dictator Milorad Dodik Is Afraid

Dodik has a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. He likes to have absolute control of every event in Republika Srpska, no matter how minuscule. Dodik phoned Serbian tyrant Aleksandar Vučić personally and asked for help, as Christian Schmidt is a decent politician and cannot be bought. The most poignant passages in the phone transcript describe Dodik’s state of mind. Dodik sounds “shocked,” “overwhelmed” by the “horrendous flood called Christian Schmidt that will wash Milorad Dodik away in Republika Srpska.” Dodik’s assertion that the United States, and Angela Merkel, with help of Aleksandar Vučić are behind Christian Schmidt against his rule triggered frenzied anti-Western rhetoric from both state media and Serbian nationalists. Almost overnight, the aggressive xenophobia that had always been on the fringe of Serbian politics seized centre stage. There was no way Dodik would allow Christian Schmidt to deconstruct the corrupt system he had spent so many years building up in Republika Srpska. Modernization and Dodikism could not co-exist, but Aleksandar Vučić had so far failed to provide a public show of support for Milorad Dodik, which would have been convincing that he has nothing to do with this. Both dictators still have a lot to learn like acknowledgment of responsibility for what happened in 1995 in Srebrenica. There can be no normal future for Serbs without such acknowledgment. The past never just goes away; it has to be confronted before it can be put to rest. There is no one inside the Dodik cult who even dares to remember the meaning of words like “freedom,” “democracy,” “brotherhood,” or “humanity.” The so called Dodikovci no longer know what “human rights” are, but the involvement of Dodik in anything to do with Serbian affairs is the kiss of death. The fatal blow to the Dodik regime was struck not in Berlin but in Washington, D.C., and was the outcome of a titanic power struggle.

Panic Hits The Butcher of Banja Luka Dictator Dodik

The Involvement Of Dodik In Anything To Do With Serbian Affairs Is The Kiss Of Death

Albright Saw Dodik’s Arrival As “A Breath Of Fresh Air”

And Where Are Those Watchdogs Of The EU, The News Media?

In Serbia, the regime of Aleksander Vučić shifted from Serbian nationalism to internationalist communism, but the EU had little time to grasp the threat; the EU ignored the explicit warnings from the United States Intelligence Community about the danger of the regime of Aleksander Vučić, as the corruption of the Vučić regime poses dangers for the national security of the United States. This culture of corruption means that, while Serbia may have Belgrad on Water, its infrastructure outside the city continues to crumble dangerously. Travel even a few hours out of Belgrade, and the reality on the ground in many of Serbia’s impoverished and brutal regions has little in common with life in the capital. The retrogressive nature of the Vučić regime is a disappointment greater than Slobodan Milošević’s dictatorship in “1990s” Serbia. The state that the criminal Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) built in Serbia is far worse than one built on purely confessional or ethnic criteria. Aleksandar Vučić invents and reinvents his enemies from the entire mass of human material that is at his disposal; he thrives on the distrust, suspicion, and conspiratorialism which his regime actively inculcates in everyone. So, what will happen tomorrow in Serbia? Dictator Aleksandar Vučić is stronger and more aggressive today than at any time in the past; “Aleksander Vučić and his criminals are directly behind the attack on the Serbian church Sveta Petka in Kosovo. He wants to portray the Kosovo government in the worst light and at the same time inflame the hatred of the Serbian people towards the Albanians in Kosovo in order to create riots. Vučić is buying time until the elections. Vučić is ready for anything and will create riots in the Balkans in order to stay in power,“ says Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, and the rising star of Serbia´s opposition politics, whose anti-corruption campaign had made him the most popular of Serbia’s politicians. Although it seems as if Nikola Sandulović had emerged from nowhere to challenge Aleksandar Vučić with his electrifying speeches and jaw-dropping claims of corruption, he had been involved in opposition politics since the 1990s, and is coming from a political family. Nikola Sandulović is not content merely to condemn corruption: he is seeking to prove ‘what was stolen, who stole it, where the money went, and who in the Vučić government is responsible’. And where are those watchdogs of the EU, the news media? Obsessed with the COVID-19 pandemic or chasing a story the EU wanted the public to focus on, European journalists paid scant attention to the growing maelstrom in the Balkans. The Vučić regime has no friends abroad, and anyone in the EU who even thought of helping Vučić and Dodik would find the proposition untenable.