Voting Company Files Major Lawsuits Against Right Wing Media Outlets

Voting technology company Smartmatic filed lawsuits against both Newsmax and One America News on Wednesday, alleging that the networks engaged in a serious “disinformation campaign” that damaged the company’s credibility through slander and libel. The company had already filed a similar lawsuit against Fox News earlier this year, along with filing suits against Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani. Farron Cousins discusses the lawsuits and the chances of Smartmatic being successful.

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On Wednesday voting software company Smartmatic filed two separate lawsuits, one against Newsmax, the other against one America news network, alleging libel and slander from the networks for the lies that the networks had pushed about the company following the 2020 election. Now smart MADEC much like dominion has already filed these lawsuits against Fox news. They filed them against Rudy Giuliani, filed them against Sidney Powell. And now they’ve decided we got to go after the other networks too, which I’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long, but nevertheless lawsuits finally came, uh, based on all the reporting I have seen. We do not know the amounts, uh, that may have changed, obviously, depending on when you’re watching this, but we do know they hit Fox news for what was at 2.7 billion. I think. So I have to imagine it’s probably a pretty high number that they’re hitting Newsmax and one America for now Newsmax with regard to, uh, their dominion lawsuit that they’re facing.

Uh, they’ve said, listen, we we’re just reporting on newsworthy things. You know, the president said these things. So, so we reported him cause he’s newsworthy. And then of course we had other people come onto the network and give their opinions. So, you know, we, we can’t be held responsible. They’ve tried to argue again with the dominion case, we can’t be held responsible for other people’s opinions. And that’s pretty much the exact same defense by the way that Fox news has tried to argue. Here’s a problem though. Smart MADEC much like dominion has a very real case here, uh, for slander libel, defamation, whatever you want to call it, uh, which had does, you know, there are different definite definitions, but they all revolve around the same thing, making false claims about a company that somehow hurt the company. And that’s the key. Are there real damages here?

And the answer is most likely, yes, smart MADEC and dominion have been defamed for a full year now. And that is absolutely going to cost them. It’s going to cost them government contracts, you know, states run by Republicans, probably not going to hire these companies based on the fact that Donald Trump clearly hates them. So yes, that is going to cost them money. So you do have a likely financial damages there, which is what the case hinges upon a smart MADEC has also alleged that these networks, and this is in their new lawsuit filed yesterday, that these networks were using these lies to boost their ratings. So it’s not just that smart, MADEC likely suffered real material losses from the defamation, but also that other groups specifically these networks were using the defamation for their own personal legally speaking. Uh, that might be the deal clincher there.

If they’re able to show these things, which of course we can see the ratings for these networks and they did in fact, increase following the 2020 election when they started bringing these people on, that’s a correlation they’re probably going to have to prove causation, which you could probably go through their YouTube channel, check the views on these particular segments and see what happens there. Uh, so correlation, you can definitely prove causation might be a little bit tougher, but I don’t think it’s going to be as difficult as you know, a scientific study. You could probably easily prove that with the analytics, from the networks, from their social media, from their YouTube channels and all of that, you can see what gets shared and what doesn’t. So that’s where we’re at. Again, little shocked. It took smart. MADEC this long to file these lawsuits, but I gotta tell ya, I’m glad they did. This is what has to happen. This is what these networks, hand individuals like Giuliani and Powell have to learn. You do not have a right to just go out there and say, whatever the hell you want to say, especially when it harms another business. When it harms another person materially, you cannot do that without consequence and these networks. And of course, those individuals are about the learn, this the hard way.


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  • Does AT&T have to pay up?

  • Sue Greg Kelly personally!

  • There are a group of people who yearn for their freedom. They yell, curse and engage in fist-to-cuffs like it’s normal.  They aren’t the red people whose entire country was stolen as they watched from baron reservations. They aren’t the brown people who were chased from their land by border hounds. They aren’t the black people who were chained, sold and hung thousands of times. They aren’t the yellow people who were gathered up to fill American concentration camps.  No, they are the white people who sulk about wearing a mask like one a surgent would wear if they operated on their cold heart or empty brain.

  • Funny, how these right wing networks hold up the first amendment whenever, but totally forgot to use it, when people propagate their opinion on the network. The first also prevents from copelled speech and therefore enables a network to stop the broadcast or refuse guests outright, when the network doesn't want to propagate the guest's statements.

  • I feel that the corporations will be taking them to court faster than the House subpoenas, and the DOJ issuing out arrest warrants 😐
    If they could take down Trump's organization, more power to them!😊

  • Time to cut the head of the snake

  • We all know what happened now its time to prosecute ✌💙 from Montana

  • Hope they go after individual hosts in civil court for saying anything outside of their scheduled show, too.

  • I hope they win.

  • OANN and Newsmax will probably go under, but FOX has too much money

  • They need to be SHUT DOWN!

    Their actions is DESTROYING DEMOCRACY!

  • Why not the former guy? He was posting crap on social media and still to this day says crap about the election. Not sure if he said anything about these companies specifically but wouldn't doubt it! Can't figure out why anybody would work for him they are just f'n ignorant. Knowing you are the fall guy for him because he will always stir something up and throw a team on it demanding illegal crap be done while he tries to distance himself. 2024 will be no different. Seriously Devil take him any time you want to.


  • OAN (Orange Anus Network) & Nutzmax should be used into outright poverty for their crimes! 🏚

  • If the networks had contacted Dominion and Smartmatics for rebuttal and/or clarification, the would be in better legal shape. Almost surely they didn't. I don't follow those networks, be but I've never heard of them saying something like – Dominion responded…………………. Or – We contacted Dominion and they never responded. REPUTABLE news organizations ALWAYS do this.

  • Sue them into OBLIVION!!!

  • Excellent news!
    LOVE it – hit them HARD and OFTEN where it hurts – THEIR PROFITS!!!

  • Tucker is a trust fund baby, have him pay!! His filthy mouth should pay!!!

  • I hope Smartmatic gets their theoretical, & actual losses, reimbursed. I hope these kinds of supposed news outlets finally realize lying, & knowingly supporting lies, is a piss-poor business model.

  • I think smartmatiq and dominion are afraid to sue Trump. I wonder why?

  • News Max: We're reporting what 45 said because he's the president and what he says is newsworthy

    But… he's NOT the president.

  • Good burn them down 🤣🤣

  • I'd love to be on the legal team suing these slanderous morons – and it's never too late to add names as Defendants
    the talking heads get their marching orders from higher up the ladder – those are the ones who will eventually be named in these suits and I hope they get demolished

  • They left wing news will not stop pushing the lie. Now they have to pay for it.

  • I guess "news" companies don't know the truth (because they're no longer truly news groups ~> corporate propaganda).
    The internet has become a news group reminiscent of the original news groups that took down corruption, and it's much worse when you say something controversial that can be used against you because "whatever you put on the internet is there forever."

  • I hope these deplorable duplicitous networks get sued into oblivion.

  • Everyone who shared should get pinched as well,

  • The New Tang Dynasty outfit deserves a dose of legal action too for broadcasting BS fakestimony in what looked like a court setting – but was actually rented conference facilities in cheap hotels.

  • 'Bout time

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