Tucker Carlson Tonight BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 1/20/21 [FULL] | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS Jan 20, 2021

#Foxnews #Newsmax #OAN
Tucker Carlson Tonight BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 1/20/21 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS Jan 20, 2021


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • Oh wait, no hurry, have a week off!

  • Beijing Biden and his crime family!!!!! So what do we do now? Allow a stolen election…the theft of our country?????

  • Turker Carson you are just the best you give me that passion to listen to news again

  • Chris walls suck

  • Don't even tell me to leave my country, I am tough enough to last 4 years of stupid greedy people. I just can’t like being on the first step of communism, how do you like that.

  • I wonder who he’s going to appoint to prosecute his son

  • White Supremacy is the color of your skin. If you are a White person you need to be put back in Chains (Cancel Cultural/Deprogramed) like they did in the 15-16th Century and if you dis-obey they will have you removed from the Planet cause only BLM. The dems kneeled to their Demands in The Capitol and G Floyd had a criminal record. They are the New Party (BLM) transforming America.

  • Hey now. I'm in atheist and I don't agree with black lives matter either. Apart from the comment about this being "atheist values" I agree with pretty much everything being said here. I even agree with putting it in the context of christianity, because I do find it interesting that no one is taking that angle nowadays when it should be put out there.

  • Over 80 million people actually, you know how many couldn't vote that support conservative values. You are Right though, they have done nothing but divide, divide, divide, which really isn't helping considering so many believe this was a rigged election

  • Lmao…hope and decency ? Right! Lmao…wow what a joke! Proud thrives from baby eaters…disgusting what this governing body of nuts have made us all…he is not president he’s a thief and a sell out..,

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