GOP electors vote for President Trump

Arizona state Senator-elect Kelly Townsend explained the significance of GOP electors voting for President Trump during the Electoral College vote this week. One America’s Christina Bobb has more from Washington.

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  • Dear Trump Supporters:

    The things Trump and his supporters do are fundamentally and qualitatively different than what Biden and his supporters (and BLM which is separate) do.

    BLM is an international longterm protest (MOSTLY peaceful mind you) that was a reaction to police brutality against minorities, and also addresses the larger systemic prejudice that is BUILT INTO THE GOVERNMENT AND INSTITUTIONS. Their concerns are wholly real and verifiable, and they want them to be addressed.

    The "Fake Election" Trump crowd is protesting their unverifiably stolen election. They lost and are having a temper tantrum that turned into violence and lead to an attack of the capitol building that would have had Abraham Lincoln rolling in his grave (the confederate flag in the capitol building!?) All while Trump watched on TV. They wanted to overturn an election because they didn't like the results and live in a world where they believe whatever narrative makes them feel the best. Their concerns are verifiably FALSE.

    The two sides are NOT EQUAL. One side is asking the world to believe in an 'alternative truth' that doesn't exist and demanding that their beliefs, no matter how demonstrably false, be respected, all while playing the victim card no less.

    Are politicians and voters on both sides frequently awful? Yes. Are they awful to the same degree? Not by a long shot. The Trump portion of the right wing is about to run the entire country into the ground and asking everyone else to 'be fair' about it. Let's quit pretending that majority-sensible-left and majority-delusional-right are equally flawed.

  • Amazing that these electors would not vote the way the majority of the people in their state voted. Joe Biden destroyed Trump.

  • GOP electors vote Trump, and Dem electors vote Biden. Since there are more Dem electors than GOP electors, Biden becomes president.

  • If the house GOP fail to correct the fraud to bring justice to Mr president then the military must conduct credible, transparent election in the 6 swing states. Whoever wins the transparent election in the swing states is declared winner. Period !
    No American can be proud of Biden.

  • A glimmer of hope.

  • I would like to remind Drumb, that in the NFL game between the Steelers and the Colts (12/27/2020) the Steelers were on the losing side most of the game. Then they got into it, played some amazing football, then they won. How hard it is to understand that simple concept. You are the winner at THE END OF THE GAME, NOT DURING THE GAME! At least that is when it counts. Congratulations Steelers, my hometown team! Why don’t we have NFL team emojis?

  • Insidious nonsense. YouTube should remove this vile video.

  • Adam Schiff in jail now 12/25/2020 ! More to come in future ! That’s about time !

  • Trump 2020 God Bless you and God Bless America

  • The left hates anything that is Constitutional, and sees things like SCOTUS as a legislative tool

  • DENIAL. ANGER. BARGAINING . DEPRESSION. ACCEPTANCE! Well at least most of you have gotten past the First stage of Grief! Now on to th next one! Don't worry, Trump is now and forever a ONE TERM IMPEACHED LOSER!!!


  • OANN is an excellent replacement for FAUX News and the women on here are hotter and tell the truth!!!!

  • I don't think that anyone is denying the fact that Trump has electoral voters. He just have LESS than Biden.

  • These are Fraudulent and illegal. So cease and desist.

  • Yeah that didn't work out for President Trump! To many scared Republicans in office. Why wouldn't all Republicans vote for Trump? Not just a handful

  • OAN does know that all the AZ electors voted for Biden right?

  • Even Televangelist Pat Roberts says Trump lost:


    Even god thinks Trump is a loser!

  • "Bruce Bartman, a 70-year-old from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, has been charged with voter fraud. He pretended to be his dead mom to vote for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election and registered his dead mother-in-law to vote, prosecutors said. Prosecutors said it was the only voter-fraud case they found after hundreds of tips. Voter fraud is extremely rare in the US, but Republicans have claimed it's a major problem and sought to pass laws restricting voting."

    — Business Insider | Monday, December 21, 2020


  • I like Christina Bopp's style.

  • Quick to say it's treasonous, but unwilling to back the investigations into voter fraud. There are thousands of sworn affidavits, under oath. Come on!

  • Biden in not the president of U.S.A. He did not win the election.

  • Good luck getting an alternate congress to approve of these alternate electors, fake patriots.

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