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  • Ask yourself why Senator Fann forbade democrats from attending this hearing.

    Ask yourself why Senator Fann has been forbidding the county from having a hand in this process from the very start.

    Ask yourself how different this hearing would be if the claims Doug Logan was making were being fact checked in person instead of immediately on twitter.

    Senator Fann, like Townsend, is determined to make sure no election is ever allowed to happen again if she doesn't like the results.

    I think the only question we really need to be asking is how long do we lock up people that are willingly and eagerly subverting american democracy? I say it should be a life sentence.

  • CLAIM: There was potential over-voting due to ink bleeding through ballots.

    FACTS: If bleed through happens, it does not cause an over-vote. Elex officials program certified tabulation equipment & design ballots w/ offset columns to ensure these ballots are counted accurately.

    CLAIM: Maricopa County received 74,000 more mail-in ballots than we sent.

    FACTS: In Maricopa County, we allow people to vote early in two ways: 1) by mail and 2) in-person at Vote Centers. These are all considered early votes.

    In addition, the EV32 Returns & EV33 files are not the proper files to refer to for a complete accumulating of all early ballots sent and received.

  • NO Senator, arrest those that refused to hand over the routers and other info. Maybe jail will jog their memory!

  • The county has proven over and over they will not come to the table. We have seen enough to prove corruption, time for legal action!

  • They are making sure this doesn't get out. I'll put it on Rumble.

  • Comments should be 22 and its 20

  • Comments are ar 20 it should be 21

  • What mechanism do the people of Arizona have to sue Cyber Ninjas?

    The only conclusion we can draw is they're running a grift. They've been doing this audit since April. This audit is about to enter it's fifth month. And yet, they're still just out there either making very dumb mistakes or simply making stuff up.

    They raised 3 million dollars and none of it is accounted for, the taxpayers gave them 150,000 dollars, and Doug Logan seems to have suspiciously gotten a free house.

    And the entire hearing today was saying "Our results are inconclusive and we want more stuff and more months to work on this."

    Every senator involved needs to be indicted.

  • I've seen enough.

    It's time for criminal charges to be filed against the Cyber Ninjas.

    Enough is enough. Three months, NO results, BASIC mistakes. You've had your fun. This is over.

  • Isn't Borelli a never trumper and dem?

  • bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. How are they becoming a "fact"???

  • I think Senator Townsend should spend some more time inside a jail cell.

    8 months later ant the GQQP can't stop crying.

    The rest of the country is trying to get things done and they're still lying, still demanding recounts, still whining.

  • One claim is that there are 74,000 more early votes than mail ins counted.

    Guess what! It turns out not all early votes are mail ballots! Early ballots include mail ballots AND in person early votes! Wow! That took… 3 seconds to look up!

    HOW do you audit the results for THREE MONTHS and not know this? And then commit defamation against the people of Arizona by lying about it?

  • Joe Biden is the president of the United States of America. He has been since January 20th, 2021. Barring illness, he will serve until at least January 20, 2025.

    Lying and screaming at the top of your lungs will NOT change this fact, but it will probably open you up to extremely expensive legal consequences for defamation.

  • The AZ Legislature are heroes. We The People owe them a debt of gratitude for their leadership & perseverance.

  • This is embarrassing.

    Every single false claim made by the auditors has already been debunked and to have an auditor making such terrible lies after three months of auditing is egregious.

    Senator Kelly Townsend HATES America, DESPISES democracy, and would rather destroy the state of Arizona than face reality.

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