DEVELOPING: Trump to meet House minority leader while impeachment, censure talks swirl

FLORIDA: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is reportedly set to meet with Donald Trump as the second impeachment trial looms, and talks or censure have begun to swirl among other lawmakers for the former president. Newsmax TV’s John Bachman, White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson and Representative Michael Waltz report.

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  • Democrats and republicans are dead to me, bye!

  • Biden needs to learn how to speak then he could be an actual president.

  • McCarthy wants the White House, he always has. That is why he tries so hard to look like Switzerland. Another California politician, even though he comes from the only conservative part of CA.
    Where are these programming jobs? India? Where are the solar panel jobs? China.

  • Lots of colluding going on down in FL

  • We the people demand term limits

  • Forrest J(for Judas) Trump was the worst thing that ever happened to America.

  • Trump is only letting those that voted for Biden to suffer a little before he comes back lol.. they deserve it.

  • Biden wasn’t elected, he was SELECTED.

  • Excuse me you said it right the first time the president you didn't make a slip you no this to be true and why would McCarthy need to go down and see the so-called the former president if he's not president anymore what would he need to go see him for anything because he's still the president

  • Forget McCarthy, we will primary him when the time comes. He is a traitor.

  • Not every American can afford solar panels, given first they are unemployed!
    Shows how stupid the Beijing Bozo Administration is!
    These career politicians are all STUPID and don’t care about the real American people!

  • You trump supporters come here just to stew in your own hatred, racism and conspiracy theories. Why do you all embrace such things? What is it about Donald Trump that arouses such blind loyalty. The people who have not fallen in to this trap can see what a terrible human being he is. Is that what you trump supporters love? Hatred and death and lies and cheating and law breaking..and he made it so blatent it became normal to you.

  • Shovelling coal and computer coding have many of the same skill sets. Just ask Biden, he’ll tell ya.

  • The clown who never had a job talking about jobs?”anyone who can coal into a furnace can program “ give me a break and this can only come from the corpse’s sewers mouth.

  • Hate to say it but I think we're screwed. I noticed that the democratic party smears everyone who disagrees with them but the republican party just lets it happen and rather fight it in court which we have already seen who's side the courts are on

  • Everyone knows that Trump is still running the show.

  • Booooooooooooo Biden

  • Who the FVK voted for Biden? He's the worse of the worse president EVER, there is no redeeming qualities about him, in fact, he's KILLING AMERICA day by day.

  • Biden didn’t win, people. Stop addressing him as president because he’s not the president. If you call him president, you’re a thief yourself

  • Who is this idiot they keep talking about ?? I think they call him Bidon-Biden , what ever !!!

  • "President Trump" 👍

  • Biden is the biggest liar to ever come down the pike . We shall see if you people that voted for him will want
    this crazy radical left again..after they make your lives more miserable. You have no idea what you done voting
    him in … its going to backfire in all of your faces .

  • I like how they keep saying “the president” instead of the former president automatically lol

  • President Trump you still have all of us the American people and you have God on your side we need you back for Biden is going to destroy America president Trump please don't leave us citizen come back


  • Mr President god bless you

  • What’s the nuisance and stupidity of this impeachment/censorship?! When are they going to end? 😭

  • Any country who accepts an illegal election doesn’t deserve democracy.

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