The real ripple effect | Rob Schmitt

The minimum wage push: It’s well-intended but you can add it to the pile of bad ideas in execution, says Rob Schmitt. Rob and business analyst Heather Zumarraga break it down. – via Rob Schmitt Tonight, weeknights at 10PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • China Joe doesnt bring any benifit for American, just bring benifit for China, Rusia

  • You’re not gonna be able to get jobs until you’re 30 now.

  • Buisness don't have money to increase salary, 80% of busness are under bankrupcy !!!!

  • Well the reason Joe is not waiting and trying to pass all this now even though it's CLEARLY the WRONG TIME is not by accident. If he waits until everything's back to normal again, like she says, he will not be able to push these things through as easily, because it will basically be 'ok, we're back to the great Trump times, no need to do anything'. But right now, in the murky waters of pandemic unease, is the time for him to most easily do his dirty deeds unabated.

  • I miss the time when “dumb and dumber” was a comedy, not a documentary.

  • In Louisiana if you make minimum wage $15 an hour no one will have a job it’s three times the amount people get paid here. You do well if you make $15 an hour here. It makes no sense whatsoever people that don’t have college degrees can understand this so why can’t our so-called president not understand it.

  • The more I hear the more I see the US becoming a socialist country where the citizens are managed by the government. The government will control food, fuel, and disposable products across the board. We will be literally be under the thumb of the government. Thank you Liberals, you f-ing idiots.

  • Thinking lacking nuanced understanding is the hall mark of the left. Appeal to emotion, blanket application of policy regardless of local realities. Appeal to experts who as long term studies have shown are frequently wrong. Abandon logic when democrats are in charge.

  • Joe Biden is not President. He is a Dictator.

  • Where are you getting your numbers ? You haven’t been able to get a fast food meal under $8-$9 for years 🤣😂🤣😂

  • we should go back to 1970 and start from there to tie workers wage increases to CEO wage increases. sound fair to you? yes? no?

  • The whole point of the Biden administration is to destroy the middle class

  • Pinocchio Joe Fraden, open the border, they'll work for peanuts UNDER-THE-TABLE won't pay taxes, know the health-welfair system. Laws they don't need no stinking laws. They will vote.

  • These economy killing moves are no accident, the ruling class elites lost control over the minds of the people, their illusion has been shattered and the only thing in their play book on how to gain control is to turn this country into a third world nightmare so people will be too busy trying to survive to focus on where the problem is coming from, them!

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