The REAL GOP behind closed doors

HOLD ON TIGHT: ‘I’m disgusted with the secret dealings behind closed doors – we need to keep the Trump-era GOP in our grasp,’ says Grant Stinchfield – via Newsmax TV’s ‘STINCHFIELD.’

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  • Screw her she should have been harrassed and jailed

  • If a deus imperator is in serious error it becomes the duty of every Am a rye can be he man or woe man, ci tizen or sil ave to REDACTED glo_ho asset Joe

  • Considering how House Republicans could've voted Cheney out so easily, but decided not to do so, I'm beginning to think the Patriot Party needs to happen. One way or another, this crap needs to end.

  • President joe Biden is draining the White suprematist, far right, maga terrorist swamp.

  • After watching the two parties go at it over the years, I saw the democrats stick together like a pack of hungry wolves. And they do what they want to. And what helps them most.. The Republicans on the other hand. Float around like butterflies in a strong wind.. mixed up, all over the place, unable to stick together. Neither party impress me at all. We have a country that needs true leadership. Starving, homeless people want to see a change. We all want to see a change. Out with the old in with the new. THE NEW AMERICAN PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE

  • First of all. NewsMax is just another FoxNews and will submit to the lord Dominion Voting Machine when told to so.

    However, Kevin McCarthy is a joke. It was not the leadership of McCarthy that brought about the red wave of 2020. It was Donald Trump and it would have been a clean run of the table if the compromised states had not allowed Dominion to take control of our democracy.

    Democracy is over, your votes means absolutely nothing. Dominion is now in charge.

  • GOP represents the globalist agenda

  • The Republican party is eating itself alive.

  • A Smart Man once said, "Republicans are not the answer to all of your problems, but Demokkkrats are the Cause of all of your problems!"

  • What is wrong with these people. They now just marked themselves and not in a good way. 80% of US do not like her or her possy..

  • Am disappointed to know that president Trump is gonna campaign for Lincoln project party in 2022

  • It all started with the Obama administration. The Republicans never did anything about all the scandals that went on. They didn't do anything about the fake Russian collusion of President Trump. They didn't do anything about Biden and Hunter. They are no longer a government for the people. It's a conglomerate. They're all in bed together.

  • Because republicans have no spine

  • I imagine these . immature lifts den rhinos in a circle plotting to get rid of people, that don’t agree with them or don’t like , very small thinking persons in our Government , , I ashamed of them I would think their families would be too,

  • well…newshacks traitors can w3lcome bitshit to allies cuz all i see there
    is defeqtis5 propoganda… 😡 stil vetting alternatives… beware of alex jones
    traitor and defeatist of course…
    big new next 2 days ! else march 4…
    if no xfer to repub by mar 4… CIVIL WAR ! BRING IT ON Ĺ

  • McCarthy and Cheney are same backstabbers Trump! Don’t trust them!

  • She's also sexually immoral.

  • OUTRAGEOUS the devious collusion going on with Rhinos & Dems & Big Tech & Fake News all fanning the fires of HATE… and DIVIDING Americans. Question is: Who benefits from this HATE & DIVISION… and why are they doing it ??!

  • Behind bars more like..

  • Just watched the war room showing Newsmax accepts the election result and no evidence seen to show any fraud took place ! Well you won’t see any if you refuse to look at the evidence ! Absolutely no integrity ! Well you have lost another subscriber ! Goodbye !

  • TENT IS ON 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • It doesn't matter when Citizens call their Representatives anymore, the corrupt politicians follow their Party and do what they want, not what we want them to do.

  • Her picture of her wearing that face diaper tells it all. She is gagged and a puppet for the left.

  • They won't be divided with the Democrats vote out all Ringo all 145 of them

  • 1:54 the Trump voters are now going to be outside the tent pissing in

  • You don't represent the West, Cheney! You're out! 🤮

  • This s*** is starting to get really scary they're all out of control

  • DID YOU SELL OUT?!?!!! What a F shame!!!!!

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