The Joe Cozzo Show – The Democrat Blueprint: Create A Crisis, Grab More Power 7/21/21

For authoritarian-minded leaders like Joe Biden, a manufactured crisis offers a convenient pretext to silence critics and consolidate power.

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  • Stop with the silly 70's Disco Disk Jockey voice, please????

  • Why are you preaching hate… I don't hate anybody, listen to your voice is cringe worthy… what a little man, with a little idea…an ignorant sheeple for the cabal

  • Why in the hell do you want to pollute beautiful space…. oooh free delivery Does not advance human race. Free stuff inspires people not to work

  • The problem is you're stupid, there's only a couple of corporations left and I would never work for bozo or wally world. I like to go outside and do things I don't like push button world

  • I am so sick of people talking about middle class what about us poor people nobody takes care of us poor people

  • The game that is played by the DS is the Hegelian Dialectic, also followed by Marx and Sol Alinsky: problem, reaction, solution (the end is already known and planned from the beginning). Another component of the game is blaming others for what you are doing. And that is how the world becomes so dysfunctional for good people.

  • Another episode of NONSENSE. Mr Joe Cozzo Show Go to China they sent a lot of rockets in Space too. So CHINA IS CAPITALIST not COMMUNIST. New York Post is the same as New York Times. The same paper that Donald Trump Praised BTW. The JOE COZZO SHOW reasonings of Right and Wrong are all out of wack.

  • God cant stand it either

  • When a plane dropped an a bom… maybe if whe make it cgeap whe xan all get a nuke tomorrow let them.compete maken chaeper atomboms

  • How do you destroy the world let we all fly in and out …this guy is hooked up on the dream to much..

  • So you want low budget spacetravel. Hahahaha thats all their is…hahahaha what a dream..10.000 rockets a day go in and out of space…. stupid man

  • At least France isn’t calling that an insurgence! Our freedom is wildly under attack by the left.

  • Stop man-made disasters

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