The exploitation phase | Greg Kelly

After a whole summer of ignoring and normalizing violence, now they’re deep in the ‘exploitation phase’ of last week’s events, says Greg Kelly. – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Clinton's only ability was taking a s*** out of a tree so much so campus fireman had to host the ground down because it stunk so bad this is a fact He's a draft dodger real piece of crap

  • I think the use of the word NEWS in your networks name in very generous

  • In most of the videos I saw of Trump Supporters they were older, middle age and middle class looking. Yet in these videos of violence they are all young males, very buff, wearing black or even disguising themselves. Sure looked like they had some sort of tactical fight training too. Just cause someone wears a Trump hat doesn't make them a TRUE Trump supporter. This stinks of set up to intentionally discredit Trump.


  • In the first time in history I will not have a President of the United States of America 🇺🇸 I will never Support Sleepy Joe a his camel will never be my President or Vice President

  • I wanna go see n touch the WALL.. It's BIG and beautiful..
    I wanna see Trump on Mt Rushmore..
    I wanna see 160,000 sealed indictments opened and served..
    I wanna see Biden in Jail, along with 1000's of others..
    I wanna see Pence charged with Treason..
    I wanna see another 8 years of a Trump Presidency..

  • ''A handful of people'? and he's sick of hearing about Jan 6th because we are using it to make THEM feel guilty? How can America heal and move on until conservatives who enabled and supported Trump to the point of civli-war. And all based on deliberate lies repeatedly told daily since Trump ran for office. All of you MAGA folks have been lied to and manipulated by the very ones you trusted. It wasn't democrats or moderate republicans who filled your head with conspiracy theories and inflammatory false rhetoric, it was your own side. If you need to blame someone look closer to home at the nonsense you swallowed and still do. The lies won't cut it anymore that's why the GOP is self-destructing.

  • ALL of these rioter's for the last 4 year's employees of the DEM'S !!!! And they also set up the Capital !!!! Is this the END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT ?

    … YOU got; great talent, wit, intelligence PLUS a GREAT SMILE !

  • A boot the new American way

  • Communist live matter. When the government has to protect its self from the masses of people they are representatives of other powers. We the majority are treated wears then the minority

  • The antifa riots at the capital should be condemned. 😊

  • Riots all year and nothing..federal courthouse under siege for months..nothing. one riot in DC and its treason

  • You are always saying the FACTS!!!

  • The hypocrisy..🙄🤨

  • I think the troops are there to protect the Dems because once all this spy gate info comes out people are going to want their heads.

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