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Russian Oligarchs – The International World Enemy

The children of the devil

Russian Oligarchs – The International World Enemy

NEW YORK ( — The Russian oligarchs laughed when they first became aware of the Rich TVX News Network bulletin The Death Of The Russian Oligarchs from January 30, 2022. But they are not laughing any longer. The Kremlin chose to wage aggressive war against Ukraine. But that war is turning against the Russian Nomenklatura. Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has even ordered nuclear deterrence forces on high alert. But would Putin use nuclear weapons? In view of the horrors of the war begun by Russia, and of the barbarities perpetrated by Russians in every corner of occupied Ukraine, there was a moment of black comedy amid the horror when in the days before European banks froze cross-border transactions with Russia, the Russian oligarchs’ wives spent time in Europe travelling around cash machines taking out as much money as they could. Collective madness, incarnating the tragic comedy. The European Union and then the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on Russian oligarchs, freezing their bank account and assets. Russian oligarchs businesses were completely destroyed. Everything which they were stealing, sorry we meant building for 30 years is now completely ruined. The present suffering of Russian oligarchs is nothing compared to the coming unprecedented proceedings against those leading Russian oligarchs that will be revealed to them. A Indictment which will be filed against the Russian oligarchs will make detailed allegations which will be arranged under various counts, charging all of the accused Russian oligarchs respectively with the commission of Crimes against Peace, War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and Membership of an Organisation declared criminal by international laws. In this sense, the Russian Oligarchs War Trials will be seen as one of the most significant events of the 21st century. However, this certainly includes also the coming fall of Serb dictator Aleksandar Vučić. The Russian oligarchs represent evil incarnate. The ‘banality of evil’, a concept based upon the fact that most of those Russian Oligarchs are not psychopaths or sadists hopefully, but entrepreneurs.

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Putin´s Russia Is Dead

In our view, Putin´s Russia reflects the symptoms of a wider ‘modern pathology’ and of a ‘crisis in Russian society’. The ideological function of this ‘Putinists’ and totalitarian approach is so obvious that one must ask why it was so pervasive, and why non-Russian analysts hardly criticised it. Where are all these Russophiles now? We claim that Western analysts have neglected the inner structures of Putin´s Russia, and have so overlayered the tracks of Russian oligarch criminals with academic debate that continuities between the policies of the Kremlin and those of the Russian oligarchs are virtually ignored. When these children of the devil started the aggressive war against Ukraine, specifically by Putin and his immediate circle of Russian oligarchs to totally destroy the Ukraine nation, they signed their own verdict. In the end, our prophecy about the Russian oligarchs, which they laughed at then, has already come true. All of the Russian oligarchs hold high positions in the financial, industrial and economic life of Russia and committed these crimes against Peace, in that they were principals in, accessories to, ordered, abetted, took a consenting part in, were connected with plans and enterprises involving, and were members of organisations or groups. The question will arise whether the Russian oligarchs had personal knowledge of the criminal intentions of the Kremlin to wage aggressive war against Ukraine and, if so, whether they were parties to the plan or conspiracy, or, knowing of the plan of the Kremlin, furthered its purpose and objective by participating in the preparation for aggressive war against Ukraine. The Prosecution in their attempt will be able to prove the existence of such knowledge and active participation, draw attention to the high positions held by the Russian oligarchs as well as to a great number of facts and circumstances from which such knowledge and participation in their view may be inferred. That´s their fate, Putin´s Russia is dead. The Russian oligarchs are dead. Only no one has told them that yet.

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Russian Oligarchs 

Russian oligarchs are business oligarchs of the former Soviet republics who rapidly accumulated wealth in the 1990s via the Russian privatization that followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The failing Soviet state left the ownership of state assets contested, which allowed for informal deals with former USSR officials (mostly in Russia and Ukraine) as a means to acquire state property. Historian Edward L. Keenan has compared these oligarchs to the system of powerful boyars that emerged in late-Medieval Muscovy.[1] The first modern Russian oligarchs emerged as business-sector entrepreneurs under Mikhail Gorbachev (General Secretary 1985–1991) during his period of market liberalization.[2] These younger-generation entrepreneurs were able to build their initial wealth because Gorbachev’s reforms effected a period “when co-existence of regulated and quasi-market prices created huge opportunities for arbitrage.”[3] The term “oligarch” derives from the Ancient Greek oligarkhia meaning “the rule of the few”.  Since 2017, several Russian oligarchs and their companies have been hit by US sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) for their support of “the Russian government’s malign activity around the globe”.[4][5]