Rep. Lesko: Why are Dems so obsessed with this?

On the day of 2021’s ‘March For Life,’ Rep. Debbie Lesko of Arizona reacts to a new Executive Order passed by President Biden that loosened previous restrictions on using US funds to help promote and provide clinical pro-choice procedures abroad. – with Newsmax TV’s Emma Rechenberg

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  • They are pro-abortion because they are against Christ. It never did matter if Biden, and others such as him, say they are Christians and/or attend church, because their fruit is already rotten. They don't go to church to praise Our Heavenly Father…they go there to mock him. I see it, and followers of Jesus Christ can too: Satan is their god and powerful demonic forces are at work here. Our Lord is in control; thus, strengthen your faith through the Word of God and through Prayer.

  • They wouldn't condemn Antifa, because they thought the terrorism would work in their favor.

  • Coming from the brother banger!! AOC

  • Baby s today senior s tomorrow go obomajoe !!!!!!

  • They are sick and demonic! God see’s all!

  • The only thing we should let them have. Do you not see how many of the sheep that voted for biden wouldn't exist if we just let them have abortion

  • We are ant we let's just do what we all know needs to be done

  • This is so messed up. I’m sorry. Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, taxpayers should not be paying a dime to any women’s health clinic that also provides abortions. (Especially not in other countries!) Kamala Harris has been in bed with Planned Parenthood for years so I knew this was coming. This executive order is an absolute abuse of power.

  • We need to get rid of all these government scum bags there just leaches

  • Pro Life and Pro Death and calling it anything else or less you're lying to yourself.

  • Pelosi, isn’t that inciting violence due to fear of your co-worker?

  • Abortion is murder

  • Dems want to murder babies

  • Biden can help get rid of our children and other countries too!
    He just can’t keep his nose out of other countries’ business!!

  • God please help us!

  • Pelosi is a harlot, the only enemy within her is the spirit of satan that dwells within her, aoc is a clueless soul, that is propelled by vanity, and vanity is satan's favorite sin. Some soul will be dammed, and not concern themselves with the consequences.

  • 🤦🏼‍♀️This guy smh, ( please 🥺 Don't give this Guy Another 🖊️ pen , He definitely Absolutely doesn't'care one Bit About Us AMERICANs , He is Only hurting this country, (( How can this OLD grampa 🥠👴🏻🥡 SLEEP at night , with a clear conscience , I swear you look at his Eyes And there is no Life 🧬 behind them,, someone Get This Fake 🤥 President out of there and back to his basement, … WHAT A DAM MESS 😵

  • The only way to slow abortion is for republicans to be pro abortion

  • Is it racist to say I don’t care about abortion

  • You can't be for abortion and serve God .

  • Pelosi is also a Catholic but she is pro-abortion. Just because she is a high ranking US official, the Catholic Church cannot denounce or remove her as a member of the Church? Is the Catholic Church a so-so Christian Church? Do what you ought to do.

  • Confessing to be a catholic is not an admission of the faith of christ

  • I guess that's one less democratic vote to deal with.

  • Satan is in full effect

  • The prophets of Baal in office want abortion because they need to keep offering human sacrifices to Satan.

  • AS A CONSERVATIVE — I still TOTALLY support "CHOICE" …. (Yes, I'm an atheist) …but:
    Why wouldn't we support anything which keeps "the coMMOOONITY" from growing..?
    You KNOW which community I mean — the one dominates the murder, robbery, etc stats..?
    WHY would we want THAT "community" to reproduce any MORE prolifically than they do!??
    We want MORE libs on life-long welfare…?? Who don't influence elections, but CONTROL THEM..??
    Forget "pro choice" …we SHOULD BE "pro ABORTION!" …
    Think about the amount of welfare saved by reducing the of LIFE-LONG WELFARE USERS…

  • Abortions are a sacrifice to Satan, where democrat power comes from. Everything good is evil and everything evil is good.

  • It seems like population control but then you let millions of illegals in the country at the same time? So you get rid of thousands of hard-working men and women’s jobs but fund abortion clinics?🤔🤔🤔 excellent job 🥔🥔🥔🥔

  • Government funds abortion? This means that every American is complicit in killing unborn American babies. This is not a Catholic teaching. Biden is Catholic. But what is the Catholic Church doing?

  • Democrats keep calling us Terrorists and White supremacists and want to disarm us too, this pattern played out alot in the 20th century, its did not go well for the target demographic, Democrats are Fascists, they are everything they accuse republicans of

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