Pompeo is worried about Middle East peace under Biden | EXCLUSIVE

INAUGURATION DAY: Shortly before the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo comments on the foreign policy legacy of the Trump administration, his thoughts on the contentious Middle East and its relations under the Biden administration, and more. – with Newsmax TV’s Emma Rechenberg and Shaun Kraisman

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  • How did we ended up here?? How?????

  • If the National security team had truly done their job Beijing Biden would NOT be President.

  • Well mike you and trump didn't get the war y'all wanted.

  • Please keep bringing Mike on your show I hope to hear much more from him that the swamp won't say

  • How long do you all give it before they do the 25th on him for the cognitive issues we all know he has.

  • I hope those people in the Middle East made the most out of those piece deals while they can because the divider in Chief is in the house now

  • Man proposes, God disposes. Gods plan takes place, mans plan isnt not always Gods plan. Mans ways arent Gods ways sometimes. Lets pray that God spares everyone.

  • Yes give million to for Iran deal
    Leave your Americans suffering poverty

  • I mean he is wanted in Syria

  • We should be worried about that and oh so much more!

  • There will be peace no more I'm an American and I am afraid what is coming is frightening

  • Any Republican who votes for Biden's picks MUST be recalled if allowed. If a recall is not allowed they must be inundated each and every day by emails and phone calls reminding them they are now considered traitors! When Demonrats mentioned President Trump they almost never referred to President Trump as "President" they either said Mr. Trump or simply Trump. Any Republican Senator who refers to Biden as President should be considered a RINO and be treated as such!

  • President Donald TRUMP was the one who stood alone against the Globalists and exposed their dirty plot His name and His loneliness in this fight will go down in history as a hero and one day the American people will all remember him with respect….. .

  • Lol you're saying biden will start wars but it was Bush who went to iraq

  • Now. Do we have any hope?

  • Thought Pompeo said smooth transition to second Trump term?

  • President Trump lost complete control of his office before the election. The troops were stationed in DC under the orders of a totalitarian regime, thus showing the utter impotence of Trump’s administration. This is why President Trump left the White House like a neutered lamb under total domination and censorship, and no Emergency Alert System activation to get the truth out about this coup d'etat, leaving US to this imposter dictator's wolves. The naivite of this exiting President will show in his shock and dismay when he sees this Marxist regime that he cowardly let stand destroy his supporters and OUR country.

  • dumb .. dumb .. pampeo

  • President Trump spent 4 years fighting for us now it’s time to fight for him. When ever you see anyone from the Biden administration you crowd around them and make them uncomfortable and let them know we know they cheated and stole the election. NEVER LET THEM REST!!! MAGA4EVER🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • This is NOT NEWS This is the opinion of the worst secretary of state in history. newsmax can't report real news because it is not corporate friendly so this is what you all get. If you believe it you truly are as stupid as people say you are. newsmax needs to be called entertainment – not news – it is trash like national enquirer was.

  • So funny, the upcoming president. “ I President senile old corrupt puppy along with my corrupt swamp creatures. Do solemnly swear to carry on the corruption. I swear I will install the Dominion voting machines though out the US. So we will always be victorious in our corruption. I swear I will get into bed with China, to cover my son’s and my corruption there. I then will send Iran millions of dollars to appease them. I will then start my next endless war, dragging my puppet, the UK in with us, just like my bestest buddy, Bush did with Blair. My war in Iraq was a good one. But my next one will be even better. Be patient my fellow Americans. “ God bless these United States of American.

  • He's going to wage war on Israel.

  • This country can't go on with all this evil 99% of the government is lower than a whale turd on the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean

  • BIDEN is using C h i n a 's example to deal with us here. There is a call for "Re-education" centers here for Trump supporters. That is what they house the uyghurs. They want to do to us what C h i n a is doing to the uyghurs.

  • Biden is a real crook, USA is in trouble.

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