House Democrats Move To PRESSURE TV Providers To BAN Fox News, OANN & Newsmax!

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Two House Democrats pressed a mix of cable, satellite and streaming providers on Monday about their decisions to carry Fox News, One America News Network, and Newsmax, accusing the right-leaning outlets of serving as “misinformation rumor mills and conspiracy theory hotbeds that produce content that leads to real harm.”

Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney, both from California, sent the letters to AT&T, Verizon, Roku, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Charter, DISH, Cox, Altice and Hulu as well as Google’s parent, Alphabet.

“What moral or ethical principles (including those related to journalistic integrity, violence, medical information, and public health) do you apply in deciding which channels to carry or when to take adverse actions against a channel?” the Democrats asked. They also asked the carriers if they are “planning to continue carrying Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN.”

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  • The left wing news suppressed news regarding Governor Cumo cooking the books on the amount of deaths doing the Covid crisis. Democrats are nothing more than a hitler organization

  • Is freedom of speech not one of the main pillars of democracy? Only asking, perhaps we in Africa misunderstood it as the USA continually bleats of being the bastion and defender of democracy.

  • They should all be banned. They are racist Republican outlets and they are dividing
    the American people.

  • Consider who the dems especially Joe is taking his orders from. Have you wondered why big tech and the others visited Pope Francis? Its not gonna stop here. The Pope mentions fundamentalist should be banned, also any conservative speeches. Not only where politics is concerned but it would also go to religious.

  • Just like the commies operate

  • The democrats don't give a rats ass about anyone or anything but their own power , their own positions!

  • Take them down and force the parallel

  • To the left, "misinformation" is information they don't agree with.

  • The problem is Conservatives believe in following the rules. Liberals/left only believe in "rules for thee but not for me". When are we on the Right going to get it through our heads that the Right and Left have irreconcilable differences. I'm not sure how both sides can live in the same country.

  • So riots everyday by leftist, looting , violent attacks, 4 billion dollars worth of damages and looted property! That's not a problem but somehow when it's not their people you have no rights !

  • Exactly..💯

  • Declaration of War

  • WTF a bunch of crap…i get the Epoch Timea newspaper they are trying to sensor them also. This is getting out of hand.

  • Democrats are the new Nazi’s

  • These demorats needs to be voted out next election. They are showing the American pple who they really are , and what they are all about .They are beyond evil , satan possessed, no doubt about it !! They want to control everything and everyone, But I'm seeing a big change coming , God is still in control and I'm praying praying , better things are ahead God is watching n he will intervene.

  • The only Misinformation in this Country today is from the Socialist Democratic party. They are evil in thought and belief. We must not forget the Nazi's were Socialist.

  • The democraps are the fascist organisation. Complete control. What amuses me is that if the commy lefties shut down the Conservatives then the lefties will then turn on the people who elected them ! Dead or alive !!
    America is doooomed.
    Learn to speak mandarin

  • Freedom of the Press demon!! Who had to retract statements? Who had to pay a young teen Millions due to lies? Not the right wing news! God bless their minds smh

  • We are seeing the state tv where our right to hear different views is completely banned ! This should scare every American regardless of politics or race or religion!

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