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Serbia at a Crossroads: Poisoning of Nikola Sandulović was meant to kill him

Political Persecution in Serbia by the Aleksandar Vučić Regime: Interview with Nikola Sandulović

Serbia´s Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Is The Biggest Threat to U.S. National Security

Political Persecution in Serbia by the Aleksandar Vučić Regime: Interview with Nikola Sandulović

NEW YORK ( – Serbia´s dictator Aleksandar Vučić´s fortune alone could be as much as up to $ 25 billion according to analysis by the United States Intelligence Community, a group of separate United States government intelligence agencies and subordinate organizations, with Vučić´s funds in Arab, Swiss and American banks or tied up in real estate in Manhattan, and Belgrade, most of his wealth have been taken offshore and deposited in secret bank accounts. Same time, the United States need urgently to re-appraise the seriousness of the danger inherent in the attacks being carried out by the dictator Aleksandar Vučić against Serbia’s opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican party in Serbia. Covid-19 restrictions, public unrest and systematic dismantling of democracy in Serbia have lead to massive protests against the tyranny of the criminal regime of Aleksandar Vučić, as Vučić`s oppressive hold on power and suffering of the Serbian people have come to a head with opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, and his Republican party in Serbia – perhaps the best organized of the Serbian political parties.

Nikola Sandulović accused Aleksandar Vučić of desperately clinging on to power, calling the Vučić regime morally bankrupt, and legally questionable. Nikola Sandulović says “serious threats” have been made against him and his wife and daughter. A variety of press reports say that Nikola Sandulović emerged as an eloquent and utterly fearless fighter for individual rights in Serbia, and the Western world should support Nikola Sandulović and his family, his wife and his children, but also unite to take new measures to defend the real opposition in Serbia and the Serbian people from the threat posed by the totalitarian tyranny of the brutal regime of Aleksandar Vučić, who runs one of the most draconian regimes in the world. U.S. officials also express concern that Serbia´s dictator Aleksandar Vučić is perhaps the best practitioner of Machiavellian politics that can be found in the Balkans, and even Vučić presides over a failed state, he has successfully used diplomacy to extract support from other corrupt leaders like Angela Merkel.

However, Nikola Sandulović’s dramatic interview with Rich TVX News tells the story of courage in the face of tyranny and inhumanity of the oppressive regime of Aleksandar Vučić. Nikola Sandulović almost died last year in prison, as the criminal regime tried to poison him with nerve gas. This interview may be the last freedom of expression to Nikola Sandulović, and the Republican party in Serbia, even his spirit has remained strong in the face of political persecution of the brutal regime in Serbia. Nikola Sandulović`s interview with Rich TVX News provides clear analysis surrounding this opaque state, and how Serbian people cope with living in such an oppressive place, as Serbia clings to existence in the face of a zombie economy.

In the interview with Rich TVX News, Nikola Sandulović suggested his life was at risk and went on to say that: “All my criticisms of Aleksandar Vučić start from his treason committed against the people of Serbia and the frightful system of vigilance established to preserve the Vučić regime by crushing people in Serbia”. The new U.S. objective should be the overthrow of dictator Aleksandar Vučić, and replacing his brutal regime with a stable, moderate, democratic political structure in Serbia. According to press reports, even the new Administration’s (secret) stated goal is to transform Serbia into a real democracy that would prevent Serbia from becoming a safe haven for terrorists. Following are excerpts from a transcript of an interview with Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican party in Serbia, discussing the critical challenges facing Serbia, and the reforms necessary to return Serbia to stability, and why the criminal Vučić regime moves to a full-scale authoritarian approach, crushing political opponents.


Happy New Year Mr. President, how is your health?

Nikola Sandulović: Thank you and of course happy new year to you and all your associates and their families. I recovered from the poisoning consequences during my imprisonment, organized by the Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić and now I feel good.

Your Excellency, are there death threats against you and your family?

Nikola Sandulović: Due to my political engagements, death threats against me have been going on since 2010, when terrorists planted explosives in my car and activated it as I entered it. I survived and came out with severe life-threatening injuries. Two more people had injured on that occasion. The terrorists sentenced for many years in prison. They acquitted before they started serving their sentences because the corrupt criminal Court acquitted them since Aleksandar Vučić came to power in 2012. Three more assassination attempts have carried out over me. My family and I have been exposed to threats from Vučić’s criminals, almost daily.

If someone is sending texts threatening to hurt you or your family, is the Serbian police doing anything about it?

Nikola Sandulović: The Serbian police interviewed me regularly every time I reported threats, and neither they nor the Prosecution nor the Court ever did anything about my and my family’s safety.

The regime is planning your arrest?

Nikola Sandulović: According to the warning information that my lawyer and I received from a high-ranking police officer, Aleksandar Vučić is planning to arrest me, again. I think that your reaction and possible world public reaction stopped that at the moment. The only thing Aleksandar Vučić is afraid of is the American independent media as well as American political power.

What is this all about? What is going on right now in Serbia?

Nikola Sandulović: What is currently happening in Serbia is something that normal people and a legal democratic society cannot understand as true and real! Lies, manipulations, corruption, terrible censorship, pressure, blackmails, threats, arrests, imprisonments, murders, beatings of citizens and lootings their property are the main levers of power of the rule of Aleksandar Vučić. His current crime in Serbia is something that has never happened in Serbian history. Fear, helplessness and madness of a foolish dictator reign in Serbia. This period, no matter how it ended, will remain written in the blackest letters, and the blackest events in the history of the Serbian people. From this perspective, as Aleksandar Vučić behaves, Slobodan Milosevic would be inconspicuous.

Thousands of people took to the streets last summer. How can you explain Vučić regime´s aggression and violence against people from the very first moment of the protests?

Nikola Sandulović: Aggression and violence are an integral part of the development of the personality and psyche of Aleksandar Vučić himself, who underwent political and human torture from his former leader and current associate Vojislav Šešelj, leader of the Radical Party and Hague judged. Beatings and murders were based on the radical policy in which Aleksandar Vučić grew up and positioned himself as a politician. The senseless beating of innocent citizens is an indicator of how far Aleksandar Vučić is ready to go to preserve his power. Also, the very act of unreasonably beating Serbian people should be a warning to the region on how Aleksandar Vučić would deal with the non-Serb population. I claim, that Aleksandar Vučić is a real danger for the entire region that remembers him and Šešelj and their war-mongering speeches and armed paramilitary units during the siege of Sarajevo and the crimes they committed at that time. He is a danger for the whole region security.

Shocking!! The Apparent Attempted Murder Of The Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović By The Aleksandar Vučić Regime

I have a big expectation from the USA. I am sure that the United States would not miss the historic opportunity to help Serbia get rid of the communist dictatorship and make Serbia leader in the region and its ally, by helping and supporting us politically and economically. Nikola Sandulović – Interview with Rich TVX News.

Do people in Serbia support Aleksandar Vučić as a president?

Nikola Sandulović: Independent media in Serbia doesn’t exist. Vučić’s blackmailed and corrupted media knowingly lie and portray a false image of support that he does not have in reality. The true picture is the enormous hatred and intolerance that the citizens of Serbia show towards him more and more, every day. The elections themselves and the theft of votes with which Aleksandar Vučić re-occupied Serbia last year again, is a clear indication that he no longer has even 5 percent of the real support of the population in Serbia. All his politics are summed up in the manipulation, lies, intrigue and force behind it. I claim that Aleksandar Vučić is the most hated political figure ever, in Serbia.

Many were surprised to see demonstrations against coronavirus measures sweep through Serbia this month. Why has such a large-scale Covid-19 resistance started now in Serbia?

Nikola Sandulović: Resistance against Covid19 began at the very beginning of the unconstitutional detention of Serbian citizens. Everyone realized the huge manipulation caused by the pandemic. People soon realized that not everything was as the media in Serbia portrayed and reported as well as that unconstitutional measures were not the same for all citizens. The resistance has become even greater because currently employed citizens and employees of state institutions in Serbia are being blackmailed into receiving the Covid19 vaccine, otherwise they will lose their jobs. Thus, Aleksandar Vučić, in his manner, violated all the rights of the citizens of Serbia, which are guaranteed by the Constitution and international legal acts. If we add the devastating fact that Serbia, together with Pakistan, was the only one to accept experimental vaccines from China (in the third phase of clinical trials), which are already used in Serbia, it proves that the citizens of Serbia, thanks to Aleksandar Vučić, have become an experimental nation where new medical experiments are performed.

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What do you think is Serbia’s number one problem?

Nikola Sandulović: If I summarize all the problems in one, and thus really show the severity of that and such a problem, my answer would be – Aleksandar Vučić. His removal from power, I can freely say, would open the way for solving all the crucial problems that are currently destroying and devastating Serbia, and all its citizens.

Interview Highlights

  • Serbia´s dictator Aleksandar Vučić is the biggest threat to U.S. National Security.
  • Vučić´s fortune alone could be as much as up to $ 25 billion.
  • The United States need urgently to re-appraise the seriousness of the danger inherent in the attacks being carried out by the dictator Aleksandar Vučić against Serbia’s opposition leader Nikola Sandulović.

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How would you characterize the current Vučić regime?

Nikola Sandulović: As criminal, destructive, deadly and devastating for the 21st Century. This is the responsibility and work of the European Community which remained silent and had given and is giving support to everything that is happening in Serbia.

What are the basic policy objectives of the Republican party in Serbia?

Nikola Sandulović: The main Republican Party goals in short are:

– Final and permanent annulment of communism in Serbia,
– Creation of a new democratic system based on respect and protection of the rights of Serbian citizens,
– Reconciliation in the region,
– Lustration of all segments of society and individuals, who brought Serbia to such a hopeless situation,
– New social economic and banking policy,
– Technological, financial, economic and military connection with America, as well as the full implementation of the Republican Party program through the Marshall Plan.

You said that you plan to fight until Vučić’s regime is dismantled. How long do you think it will take?

Nikola Sandulović: My confrontation with Aleksandar Vučić has been going on since he came to power in 2012. Unfortunately, I am the only politician in Serbia who spoke openly in his presence (October 2014 in London, at LSI University) that he had already came to power with stolen votes, that he established a dictatorship and implemented unprecedented censorship ever. As I promised, I will not stop my fight against him and his communist dictatorial methods. Even after his overthrow I will actively participate in his prosecution for all his crimes. Estimates are that in the early parliamentary and presidential elections that will happen this year he will lose his political position and power, if Serbia gets support from the international community and especially from the USA. On the contrary, Aleksandar Vučić will use the corrupt judiciary and his state apparatus to steal votes for another four years of dictatorship over Serbia. Of course, his corrupt police, criminals, and fan groups, as well as the police forces of Milorad Dodik from Bosnia, that once came to Serbia at Vučić’s request and beat up Serbian citizens (disguised in Serbian police uniforms), will help him defend the election theft. The symbiosis of crime and force between Aleksandar Vučić and Milorad Dodik has been constant. Therefore, I ask the USA to use the authority and political influence and help us to organize free and fair election process and to stop the Balkan dictator Aleksandar Vučić to occupy Serbia again and therefore expose the region to general chaos.

Your Excellency, since you are a man who sees in the future for your own country, what is the political future of Serbia without Vučić?

Nikola Sandulović: The political future of Serbia, after Aleksandar Vučić, can go in two directions. In a very positive way, if the Republican Party takes the responsibility of the future government. On the other, extremely negative way if Aleksandar Vučić manage to place and create a false opposition that would in return guarantee him freedom, security and preserve the stolen billions that dictator Aleksandar Vučić robbed from his country and citizens.

According to United States Intelligence Community, Vučić and his cronies reportedly plundered billions from Serbia that was deposited in bank accounts around the world. Could this wealth provide an essential source of finance to support post – Vučić Serbia?

Nikola Sandulović: Of course it could help and I am sure that if the Republican Party would take power in Serbia together with me, the United States will surely help us to return stolen billions to Serbia. Thus would show USA’s true greatness and sincere friendship with Serbian citizens. Those billions in my government would be used for a complete change of the system, for liberation from communism and would be a great financial stimulus for the implementation of the Marshall Plan in Serbia, which would radically change the economic picture, improve stability, improve industry and enable the long-awaited recovery. Serbia would get a new life, and the United States would get permanent partner and friend.

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Which reaction and actions do you expect from the United States? How could international community help Serbia?

Nikola Sandulović: I have a big expectation from the USA. I am sure that the United States would not miss the historic opportunity to help Serbia get rid of the communist dictatorship and make Serbia leader in the region and its ally, by helping and supporting us politically and economically. Citizens often ask me if the United States will help us in our recovery and progress, which I always say, with great certainty that it will. I am convinced that America has recognized me as a new leader who has sincere intentions to fully rank Serbia among the most important allies of the United States in the future. For the rest of the International Community, I do not have such an opinion and belief that they are ready to help Serbia like the United States and that is for objective reasons. The main reason is that the International Community, led by the EU and Chancellor Angela Merkel, has remained silent on the perennial theft of elections in Serbia, as on the dictatorship that has been implemented here for years by the communist regime. The International community also took part in the joint robbery of Serbia in cooperation with Aleksandar Vučić, and then it is clear to you why I have such different views. There are significant discrepancies in the long-term financial assistance provided to Serbia by the United States and the financial assistance provided by the rest of the International Community, in favour of the US but Serbian citizens know very little about it. I will repeat for the umpteenth time that Serbia should be fully financially, technologically, politically and militarily connected exclusively with the USA and Serbia’s relationship with the rest of the International Community would be the same as the USA’s. America first!

Do you see Serbia, after this has all settled down, moving closer to U.S. in terms of economic, and other ties?

Nikola Sandulović: Absolutely yes! That is my ultimate political and human goal. That is the only right solution for Serbia and the entire Balkan region. That is common to members of the Republican Party and the vast majority of citizens intimidated by the communist terror that has been perpetrated here since 1945. Thanks to my persistence and courage to express my political opinion publicly in Serbia for years, it has become an acceptable permanent solution for our country. So far, no one politician in Serbia has ever publicly expressed his complete commitment to the United States, and I have almost paid for it with my life.

Do you have a message for the United States? Is there something particular you want our people to know?

Nikola Sandulović: Serbia is in its historically most difficult period. Serbia is overwhelmed with fear, insecurity, and nationalist hatred, destructive and criminal policies. We are in the clutches of a communist beast, this time supported by the Communist Party of China. My message to the United States is to help Serbia to get rid of the communist regime, to feel free to speak, to think and create our own capital, to live in the 21st century without fear of famine, imaginary disease and deaths, and assassinations ordered by the ruling regime. My message is an appeal for help, which only the USA can give us at this moment and that Serbia wouldn’t forget that. Save us from communist globalism, the satanic evil that has loomed over Serbia and Europe. Show the world and Serbia that you have been and remain a synonym of justice and truth as the foundations you have built the most powerful state in the world. It is also a message to all US citizens to understand how big and significant are the expectations of free citizens of Serbia from the US and its citizens. God bless America, God bless Serbia.

You have had difficulties in the recent past with Facebook. What caused that, in your view?

Nikola Sandulović: The reason for blocking my posts and the FB profile itself, which serves exclusively in political purposes, is my open support to Mr. Donald Trump and patriotic forces in the USA. I was three times for 30 days blocked by FB during the US elections and in the post-election period. I openly wrote about the obvious theft of votes that had happened in the USA, documented it with original footage from the polling station and Mrs. Sidney Powell’s and Mr. Flynn’s reports, about Serbia’s involvement in vote theft in the USA, etc. My FB profile is the most visited of all FB profiles and pages of all other politicians in Serbia and in the region. My profile is officially followed by 50,000 people and unofficially over 200,000. My posts were true, concrete and documented. Citizens of the entire region received the right information about the real events in America and the criminal connections of Aleksandar Vučić, Milorad Dodik, Hasim Thaci, Edi Rama etc., with the corrupt part of the ruling establishment in the EU. These are the reasons I have been identified as a danger since I was writing about criminal activities in the region and in the USA.

Is there anything particular you wish us to convey? This is your second interview on Rich TVX News. If there is something particular you want us to know we shall be happy to include it.

Nikola Sandulović: I would like to take this opportunity to thank RichTVX News for the tremendous support you are giving me as a man and a politician. I want you to know that I will never forget that and that you will always have a friend in me. On this occasion, I would like to say to the citizens of the USA to be proud that they have finally got one of the greatest leaders in the history of America and the world, Mr. Donald Trump. I want the USA to remain consistent in its final struggle for true independence and to create a new state, the Republic of America. Be proud, be wise and be brave, because the eyes of the whole world are on you and we expect you to save humanity and create a new world history. God bless America!

Your Excellency, thank you for the interview.