Pelosi in NIGHTMARE after 'hypocrisy' lies over A.NTIFA: 'They do what they do'

Pelosi in NIGHTMARE after ‘hypocrisy’ lies over A.NTIFA: ‘They do what they do’


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  • Beijing Biden must make China pay for killing 450,000 innocent Americans. His job is to protect Americans for future imminent bio-warfare aggression by CCP. This is the demand of Americans.

  • Oh it was peaceful. Jan 6 was just a few lives and a few windows.

  • Antifa were ushered in by the Capitol a police and escorted right up to the Capitol.


  • Biden, Kamala, Nancy and Adam shifter is taking our great country down the DESTRUCTION road. We for the first time may have to ask RUSSIA for help. Enemies of China is a friend of Our Great Country.

  • The FBI is in the Democrats pocket there is crooked as hell

  • This channel is all a lie to get ppl yo read ur nonsense

  • If you dont think that censorship is happening in all aspects of your daily lives you are the problem and living in a dream world Polosi is an old hag that needs to be removed along with that cretin shoema i cant believe people are standing for the utter shit the Dems are spurting

  • And the police were letting people in you don't think the Democrats had something to do with this come on man

  • TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS!!!! Until this is done, we will continue to have MORONS running our country, and piglosi and her wretched comrades are a prime example of this.

  • She's a crook she needs to be impeached fired and put in jail for stealing the American people's money she's become a millionaire how's that possible

  • Your right there saying whatever gets them over the next hurdle. That's why the article in Time magazine. Because now the supreme court is about to look at the evidence in the election fraud and they want there story about cheating to preserve democracy out there so everyone will think they're doing what needed to be done

  • Lets send every politician home. Elect all new people with term limits and no political experience. They must have 20 years experience working at a REAL job. No more Bernie's who have spent their entire life living off the tax payers. They all run around like they are royalty and have no concept how the peasants live.

  • Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and many other left wing nut jobs not only pushed the riots and encouraged them, Harris was raising bail money to get the, out of jail. They have the citizens on the left so brainwashed they are under the impression those riots were peaceful protests by BLM. Speaking of BLM the used them as a fundraising tool and scammed people’s money by putting it into the Act Blue account which went to Democrat politicians and none of it was used for black victims of whatever it was they used as a pretense to fuel those riots. I’m getting so sick of the hypocrisy and even sicker of having to listen to these people on the left as they continue to whine while staying willfully ignorant.

  • Thank you all for reporting credible news. God bless you all.

  • If you vote Democrat, get ready for hell!!

  • The summer of love has become the summer of lies. Former POTUS D. Trump can now write another book..instead of art of the deal, it can be called, the art of the steal. Conspiracy to take resident Biden, as encouragement rages for bad orders…all so "Americans" can be tricked into a false breath of fresh air when Harris takes his seat, and Pelosi moves up to VP, as she has frequently stated she is second in line. Meanwhile, threats of war and military actions are happening but former POTUS is blamed for the discontent..all this despite numerous nominations for Nobel Peace prize…of course…all this is conspiracy

  • That's why I call them DAMOCRATS.

  • When the politicians turned there backs on there sworn duty to protect life and property they committed murder

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