13-Minute News Hour w/ Bobby Eberle – Pelosi adds Never-Trump Kinzinger to Jan 6 Committee 7/26/21

Nancy Pelosi claims her January 6th Select Committee to investigate the Capitol riot is going to be “patriotic and non-political.” Yet, Pelosi rejected two Republican members of the committee picked by GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. Instead, Pelosi is going to add Never-Trump” Republican Adam Kinzinger to the slate.

Kinzinger and Liz Cheney both voted to impeach former President Trump, and both were picked by Nancy Pelosi to be on the January 6 committee. Does Pelosi honestly believe the committee will not be political?

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:38 Pelosi adds ‘Never-Trump’ Adam Kinzinger to January 6th committee
4:59 Leftists cheer “let them die” slogan at rally
9:51 Race relations at lowest point in twenty years
13:45 Fauci says CDC considering mask for vaccinated people

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  • Pelosi is the most complicit in 1/6. Police standing by while windows were broken. Told to stand down by Pelosi to prove a one day action is worse than months of destruction worth billions of dollars by BLM/ANTIFA.

  • Kinzinger is sinking Illinois. Following footsteps of Durbin. Clasping hands with corruption. He will not be elected again unless they keep Dominion in Illinois and fraudulant mail in ballots.


  • Pelosi is nothing but a joke!!

  • The Bitch does not no nothing about patriotism!! Nor does she does not know anything about the truth!!

  • I think the Vatican is protecting N.Pelosi. By the way I think Pelosi is an Italian last name.

  • I am livid. I truly hate that woman. She is so corrupt.

  • regarding Pelosi Unfortunately they will find only 6% of the truth she is straight out lying and smiling while she does,, she seems to be on narcotic drugs her affect reveals active drug use. Wishing anyone to die is evil, Is there a way to have a commission like the forensic audits that are actually committed to the truth?
    applauding a different group then your ideas to die is evil, if we are a country under God, I can guarantee God would not want any human to wish or curse another to die,
    the weird this is we are a melting pot, who is all white or all black or native American or asian? I am 4% black, I look entirely white, my daughter is native American black and white, her skin has more melanin then mine…so are we white – black- native American or are we just American.
    the delta variant seems highly related to the fully vaccinated, whether a weaken immunity or implanted by the vaccine itself, as I understand the delta variant is less potent or harmful as variants decrease in strength, they weaken in strength

  • Pelosi should have been gone 20 years ago. She us a criminal period!

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