One America News & Newsmax Are Certifiably Insane

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  • To quote a judge: "At which point does this become ridiculous?"

  • Best part these networks complained for 4 years about how Hillary supporters claimed the Trumpster lost. Now we'll have the other side for another 4 years complain.

    We need to stop voting on personality and start voting on policy.

  • Oan and newsmax love that fellacio that chump lets them do every night yum yum

  • The lunatic fringe is now mainstream. There are dollars to be made. Its never going away.

  • What a bunch of grifters.

  • Yet when dems did this for four years, Kyle didn't say a thing. We are entering a new era; there is no agreement on basic truths.

  • OAN is out here making The Daily Wire look like The Washington Post

  • I've come to the conclusion the capitalist system is the root cause of most problems we see today.

    The capitalist system drives human behavior. At the heart of the capitalist system is the constant programming to consume. A system predicated on infinite consumption assumes that we live on a planet with infinite resources.

    This is where I call the current capitalist system unscientific because we live on a closed system on one planet with limited resources.

    Any system where you're forced to submit your labor for income is really not that far away from being slavery.

    We've taken into account capitalism has long history of failure going back it has a trend of depressions or complete collapses we all know about the Great Depression of the 1920s more recently there was crash in the 90s and the 2008 recession and most recently the complete failure of capitalism to cope with the Coronavirus.

     the main problems we find with capitalist system is it has no connection Public Health it has no sustainability standards built within. 

     Capitalism constantly drives people towards a selfish greedy behavior. Capitalism is directly responsible for us having a classist Society where there is different tiers depending on your wealth.  

    we know through science that when wealth is more equally distributed the health of a Nation is enhanced.

    Capitalism doesn't seek to equally distribute wealth it doesn't seek to take care of basic needs like food water and shelter.

  • "Fox News caved"

    To reality

  • After Kyle's recommendation, I visited

    It's porn. Thanks Kyle.

  • Well, you are part of the problem by covering these stupid news channel

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