One America News 4/1/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS April 1,21

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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • My president is Donald Trump!

  • Mr Sleepy I don't think we need to go another 2 Trillion in debt our kids might want a future.

  • Trump will return by June to clean up this mess. Whole lot of criminals going to jail

  • Eric got my vote.
    Biden Administration is a bad joke and the whole world knows it.


  • Everyone knows!…Trump ,is still the President!

  • The Communist party in the White House need to go the American people are fed up with the Communist crap that's going on . Perhaps the the largest peaceful March the DC has ever seen . Let the Communist party know we are Americans we love our United States of America we the American people do not want our country turn into the Communist third world country . And that is the direction the United States is headed for .God bless the American people and God bless the United States of America .

  • Us 7billion to rid cruption in America instead in foreign countries .

  • Can't have a sneaky fox garden the hen house 🙄

  • It's the Republican to be blamed for they coyotes with the Democrats in the outcome of the election for if they all supported Trump, then it would be no problem when it comes to country's prosperity and a booming America would be.

  • Build the wall. stop biden from traffacking children and filling America with drugs and all the other corruption. They only won by theft of the election. Why has the military not stepped in to remove and arrest biden and his criminal network. A criminal network enterprise is now running America.

  • Please give us our President back!!

  • I was a coke fan, now gonna be a Pepsi fan!!!

  • Everyone leave fb

  • Isaiah 29. 15. 16 Is telling the deep state there's a train of pain headed there way 😆 lol They got there Ticket there at the gate. Isaiah 17 Church is. Headed to. Lebanon is white mountain. White Mountain is God. The cedar of Lebanon surrounded white mountain. The Lord. Loved. And planted those cedars trees Fast forward to today Isaiah 17 Is telling the church. They will replace the Cedar of Lebanon as trees or righteousness. Rejoice

  • Yes. You are PRESIDENT Trump

  • Ship the illegals to Pelosi,Schumer,Biden,Harris, etc houses.We'll stop their pay and let them take care of them,And WE THE PEOPLE will take over and run the government,This sure as hell isn't what the American people want

  • demoRATS have tried so hard to get rid of PRESIDENT TRUMP they have EXPOSED ALL OF THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES!!!!!!!

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