OAN Has Been Funded By….AT&T?! | Lovett or Leave It Podcast

It’s been another wild week of news with the biggest bombshell coming in the form of documents revealing that most of the funding for the extreme far-right “news” network One America News Network (OAN) has come from none other than AT&T! Luckily, Lovett is here to break it all down for us.
Then, he is joined by Brandon Wardell, Akilah Hughes, and Solomon Georgio join to defend terrible hot takes.

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  • Love Jon💙💙🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • I've just got to say this cuz I'm getting real tired of William Shatner's name being brought up in the news: Shatner is an ass. He is homophobic and racist. Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) recounts in her autobiography how, during the filming of the original Star Trek, Shatner and Leonard Nimoy told the network mail room not to deliver her fan mail to her, because she was getting way more mail than either of them. She was going to quit the show, but ML King talked her out of it. ALSO: A friend of mine from high school, told me about the time he tried to interview Shatner (who happened to be in town playing summer stock) for the high school newspaper. Shatner apparently hollered blood murder and had my friend forcibly removed from backstage. He did that to a high school student! Total jerk.

  • “Women be shopping kit” and “catastrophic foot injuries” 😂😂😂

  • 💙🎃💙

  • Katie totally tried to poison Deborah Norville’s writer😂

  • Did Lovett just admit that he is a …..top?

  • Adele: totally should have mentioned how he hates PCs and is a Mac guy.

  • AT&T is the name on kyrsten sinema's checks!


  • As much as every comedian loves an easy laugh, Akilah really do be laughing a lot tho.

  • As someone who grew up hearing AT&T constantly bashed as an evil company by my dad who worked 38 years for GTE/Verizon, I’m feeling he’s very justified now.

  • Speaking of writers….get some new ones.

  • It was a mistake to edit that out.

    At the same time. I believe that while Ginsburg believed what she said. She also believed they should be allowed to protest and kneel.

  • AT&T -and Direct TV suck and I'm done with them AT&T + OAN

  • * pauses video to go check smoke detector batteries *

  • But AT&T seemed like such a fine, upstanding company.

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