Mike Lindell Goes On Berserk Tirade Against Fox News Hosts

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell flew off the handle during an interview on One America News this week where he absolutely let the hosts at Fox News have it. He attacked the network for refusing to air his ads, saying that they were more worried about their money than the truth. That’s actually a pretty accurate assessment of how Fox News operates, and they can’t risk losing a defamation lawsuit because of Lindell’s insane theories. Farron Cousins discusses this.

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There is no easy way to say this. So I’m just going to come out and say it. My pillow CEO, Mike Lindale is frigging. You know what he’s about? He is that Fox news had the audacity to not run that ad, promoting his cyber symposium. That according to him, everybody else ran it. OAN Newsmax, ABC, CBS. None of them were afraid. Just the people at Fox news. I don’t want to give away too much. I would love from Mike and to say it in his own words. So folks here is Mike Lindell throwing a major temper tantrum on the one America news network against Fox news. Take a look coming back 3, 2, 1. Now, before I analyze what he said there, I do want to point out, um, I believe you were referring to Tucker Carlson, not a trucker Carlson, although not going to lie.

That might actually be a better use of his time, rather than poisoning the airwaves every night, put them in a semi, have him hauling stuff across the United States. That way Tucker Carlson or trucker Carlson could actually be helpful to society. Um, and your point, you ended on like drew care more about your money. Yes, yes. They knew. Mike, how are you just now figuring this out? Oh, by the way, one America you’ve been sued to $1.6 billion for putting this man on the air. Like, what do you think’s going to happen in that lawsuit, considering your still putting him on to push these lies. He’s the one who got you in trouble in the first place. He’s not going to be able to bail you out. Like every time you put this guy on TV, your screwing yourselves over same thing with Newsmax. It’s almost shocking.

The level of stupidity happening at that network when they’re like, no, I’ll go ahead and put him back on. What do we care? What do we got to lose? One point? What? No. Yeah, too late, too late. You still platforming the guy that’s getting you sued. So you get what you deserve at this point. And God, I hope you get hit for the full 1.6 billion. Cause I don’t think one America can survive it. Fox news on the other hand knows they could survive it. They’ve got good lawyers that have fought defamation suits in the past by making a arguments, basically saying that, Hey, you can’t trust anything on Fox news. Why would you think you could? And the courts have been like, ah, that’s true. Everybody knows Fox lies. Let’s just let them lie. Probably not going to work in this case because you were pushing bogus crap.

But Fox news has been playing it relatively safe. Not having Mike Lindell on not letting people push these ridiculous theories. You know, Trump did an interview with Dan Bongino and before they posted it online, they cut out all of his stuff, talking about, you know, the election being stolen. They were like, eh, we’re just we’re we’re gonna, we’re gonna put this over here in a box, you know, wait and see. Fox news is trying to not make their defense impossible. That’s also why, by the way, they wouldn’t air Mike Lindell’s ads. Also why they’re not putting him on the network. That’s why Sidney Powell is not going on anymore because they understand the liability there. The question is who are the lawyers working for? One America news for OAN like, where are you? Where are you? And why are you not telling the network? Like, Hey, I think we can beat this.

However, until then you have to stop doing this because the more you do it, every segment that you air saying, this crap, you’re killing our defense. It’s another nail in the coffin. So I want to know who the lawyers are for one America. Please feel free to reach out to me and explain to me personally why you’re not telling the network this, or if you are telling the network, this, and they’re just not listening to you because if that’s the case, you need to drop them as a client because you’re going to get royally embarrassed. When you finally take this case to court, Mike Lindell, I’m sorry. You’re mad at your friends at Fox. I’m sorry. They won’t take your calls anymore. I’m sorry. They won’t air your ridiculous propaganda, but you were exposed last week as a complete and total fraud. Even Steve Bannon had to question where all this evidence was, where the receipts were. Cause you never produced it.


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  • As a trucker, don't put T.C. behind the wheel. Make him a Wal-Mart greeter.

  • He is correct….there is election corruption…..by the red states and republicans

  • This pitiful Man definitely needs to be under medical supervision and on different meds!! This is just so sad to watch a grown man child having a Meltdown!!

  • 1:37 "Are you guys so… you're so worried about your money!? I mean.. yeah. They're facing a defamation lawsuit. Mike must have forgotten that.

  • Really like Farron and his show…here he makes fun of luntic lindell mispronouncing carlsons first name when he calls Tomi Lauren "toe me" he's the only person I've ever heard say that including Lauren herself I her saw at politicon in Nashville TN debating Anna Casperian hell i've done my share of mispronouncing but I at least will admit when I do and change apparently cousins doesn't unless this is some inside joke or something I'm not aware of.


  • A suitable case for treatment!

  • Lindell definitely needs an involuntary psychiatric evaluation ASAP!

  • I'd like the fanatical impact to Fox News, Newsmax and One American News be one million dollars over what would be needed to bankrupt each of them (lock the doors, throw away the keys). 😉

  • Mike Lindell is becoming more incoherent by the day. Maybe he should stop vaping from his own pillow cases.

  • Just illustrates how the right wing lunatic fringe echo chamber works. One person floats a conspiracy theory and the next thing you know they're all repeating and amplifying it. Hey was Trump supposed to be reinstated president by now? What happened?

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  • What water sre these people drinking? Are we sure that Trump isn't some kind of a warlock that has cast a spell on all these people? Not even Jim Jones had this many brain dead people trailing him.

  • Does Mike Pillow have a wife & kids? If so, they must be in hiding due to his seriously deranged behaviour.

  • Why did he skip trying to buy time on CNN and MSNBC? But he did make the news segments, but he sure didn't get any sales on his pillows, but he might have sold a couple of his "my padded weiner cup" or his new stain resistant and puncture proof "my heavy duty padded butt shield" but plan ahead for bathroom breaks in case the locks on 'em get stuck. Don't lose those keys or you need a blacksmith with a blowtorch.

  • mike l should be on Saturday Night Live cause he's really really funny 🙂 LOL. If not Saturday Night Live he should be in a circus….He such a freakin CLOWN! If not he's still on crack just like his daddy.

  • Poor little pillow man.

  • if it's not BS and lie's it's lie's and BS . and it' all you will git out of the GQP & MAGA.

  • Lindell….🥱. Your obsessive ranting and raving is getting so old and tiresome. You’re a broken record.

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