Do You Trust Pelosi To Investigate 1/6?

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on One America News Network to discuss House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Commission, information being hidden about the events of January 6, representatives being blocked from serving on the commission, and more!

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  • The "Drunk of the House" Nancy Pelosi is a prime example of why we needed Congressional "TERM LIMITS" along time ago. We need Legislators that serve We the People and not their own greedy selfish special interests agenda. If you can support and defend the proposed 28th Amendment. It is a long shot but we will never accomplish anything if we don't put forth the effort. That VOTE (if sought) needs to be up to American citizens and not politicians protecting their lucrative careers.

  • Pelosi cannot be trusted she is the 🦊 fox in the henhouse
    How absolutely bizarre having her and her handpicked Committee
    Investigate themselves lol🤣


  • I wouldn't trust her with my dog!

  • For one thing , why would you ask a perp who committed a crime, to investigate their own misgivings.

  • I think the Jan. 6 event should be investigated, but it has to be a truthful and honest investigation. Let the chips fall where hey may, but do not cover up certain aspects of the event. I don't trust Speaker Pelosi's committee since I think it is stacked to blame President Trump no matter what.

  • Absolutely NO WAY Peslosi is Poison!!!!

  • She just wants a Never- Ending Infomercial for what’s left of the mainstream media to divert Attention from Biden’s Shenanigans 🤔 and her Malfeasance !

  • PELOSI:= Modern day Jezebel!!!

  • Thank you so much _ Mr. " TOM FITTON "_ SAAD RAMADHAN MUHI _IRAQ

  • Nancy needs to go!!! She wanted it to happen.

  • Pelosi and her cronies put together this riot and blamed Trump and tried to get the nuclear codes as she wanted to be president and she is crazy! Jealousy and Hatred of Trump will be handled by God in the end! Pelosi has a hateful heart!

  • No, not at all. Pelosi has established a kangaroo court.

  • I wouldn't trust her to do anything

  • Nothing to investigate, except the Democrat leaders involvement. A set up to discredit our ONE TRUE LEADER,

  • I wouldn’t trust pelosi to feed my fish.

  • There is not honor or character in Nancy Pelosi or any of her appointed henchmen on that 1/6 committee.

  • How can anyone trust in America someone in congress who thinks they're above the law? Who the constitution does not apply? Further who was responsible for the safety of the White House? To me as a non partisan citizen, looks like a planned set up.


  • No one trust Pantsy Nancy Smellosi

  • I trust NO democrat, they are all born LIARS

  • I wouldn't have Pelosi investigate spilled 52 card pick-up.

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