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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld And Steven Tian’s Brilliant Fortune Article: Biden Is Making Real Progress On Energy

Ignore the analysts’ misinformation oil slick

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld And Steven Tian’s Brilliant Fortune Article: Biden Is Making Real Progress On Energy

NEW YORK ( — The cynical but conflicted industry analysts behavior on recent energy policies from the Biden administration was very different from that usually used; in fact, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian’s brilliant Fortune article directly questioned the typical assumptions of the energy analysts, which can be hardly characterized as rational. To succeed, the Biden administration should forgo their reliance on biased industry analysts and work their own solutions out. In light of this Fortune report, such an article identifies what groups misinformation is a serious barrier. First, remember that if most energy analysts have been able to build trust and prosper in the long term, it is because of independent academic validations, which are doubted by the Yale experts now. Secondly, we frequently see energy analysts commenting on what the White House should or should not do, but according to Yale Professor Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian, the reaction of the conflicted industry analysts shows that energy analysts have slipped on their own oil slick of misinformation. Read more here.

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Yale School of Management

The Yale School of Management (also known as Yale SOM) is the graduate business school of Yale University, private research university in New Haven, Connecticut. The school awards the Master of Business Administration (MBA), MBA for Executives (EMBA), Master of Advanced Management (MAM), Master’s Degree in Systemic Risk (SR), Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society (GBS), Master’s Degree in Asset Management (AM),[5] and Ph.D. degrees, as well as joint degrees with nine other graduate programs at Yale University. As of August 2021, 666 students were enrolled in its MBA program, 134 in the EMBA program, 70 in the MAM program, 32 in the Master of Global Business Studies program, 11 in the Master of Systemic Risk program, 56 students in the Master of Asset Management Program, and 59 in the PhD program; 122 students were pursuing joint degrees.[3] The School has 90 full-time faculty members, and the dean is Kerwin Kofi Charles.[3] The school conducts education and research in leadership, behavioral economics, operations management, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and other areas. The EMBA program offers focused study in healthcare, asset management, or sustainability. The school also offers semester-long student exchange programs with HEC Paris, IESE, the London School of Economics, the National University of Singapore Business School, and Tsinghua University. Students may also propose a quarter- or semester-long exchange program with any of the 25 other schools of the Global Network for Advanced Management.[6]

Yale CELI List of Companies

Yale CELI List of Companies is a comprehensive constantly updated[1] list of 1000[2] plus[3][4] companies worldwide and their grades from A through F based on their level of disengagement or engagement (“digging in”)[5] on indirectly or directly funding Russia’s War on Ukraine. The list is managed by the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute (CELI)[6] whose leaders include CELI Research Director[3] Steven Tian and the Senior Associate Dean at the Yale School of Management, Professor and CELI President Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.[7]

jeffrey sonnenfeld russia list,
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is the Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management at Yale School of Management, and Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies. Sonnenfeld is best known as the founder and CEO of Chief Executive Leadership Institute (CELI), affiliated with Yale University.[1]

Sonnenfeld has advised thousands of CEOs as well as multiple U.S. Presidents and nominees from both parties, including Joseph Biden, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton as a conduit between top business and political leaders.[2] In addition to convening regular CEO conferences, in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 United States presidential election and the 2021 United States Capitol attack, Sonnenfeld convened top executives for several high-level, off-the-record discussions to plan the collective response from the business community.[3] He is the first academician to have rung the opening bells of both the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, having done so 10 times.[4] Amidst the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sonnenfeld was involved in efforts to encourage multinational businesses to exit Russia through the Yale CELI List of Companies.