It's all THEATER | Ronny Jackson

IMPEACHMENT: Representative Ronny Jackson comments on the political divide seen by lawmakers during the ongoing impeachment trial of former President Trump. – via Wake Up America with Rob Finnerty and Rachel Rollar, weekdays at 6:30AM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • When they walked over to give impeachment papers to the Senate I thought I heard the theme song to the Benny Hill show…….

  • The majority of our elected officials, both Republican and Democrat, no longer represent We The People.

  • Democrats are pathetic. Yep, if you associate with these turds then so be it.

  • Puppet theater

  • The Repuke-ians can't handle the truth. 'Push it under the rug'
    Hillary's emails!! Benghazi!! Lets spend more money there. Where is Gym Jordan? F'n stunned hypocrites!
    The Republican Party is a sorry excuse for what it once was!
    I was Republican, now I'm ashamed to admit it.

  • Puras mentiras…videos manipulados..desdibujadas las manifestaciones..y los manifestantes !..desacreditando el movimiento MAGA……..para los demoratas no hay nada bueno en TRUMP..!!…..odian el amor del presidente a su nacion ..!!

  • This ridiculous trial is all about how the members of Congress were so scared during the "riot." they couldn't care less about Covid relief. Democrats hate over 1/2 of America, never forget that.

  • How is it that they are allowed to waste so much of the tax payers money without any penalty for do so?

  • Just another way for the dems to try to humiliate 75 million Trump voters by painting us as the bad guys.

  • The beings we don't see are orchestrating this mess of foolishness to just cause more and more chaos on behalf of the director of lies whose loving every minute of this. Biden in the house of nothing but foolishness now. The senate and the house are for the most part foolishness and worse. As well, the court. No rule of law now. The lawless one appearing shortly and most will embrace because of fear. I pray people come to.

  • This is why they don't want to open schools, they want the next generation to be complete idiots who believe everything they are told

  • the positions they hold is not for personal vendettas and that is what pelosi is doing

  • Definition: INCITE- The speech is “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action,” AND. The speech is “likely to incite or produce such action.” SPEECH-the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds.

  • Sad that you have to take trumps speeches and edit them to for your narrative. That shows you they have no case and how they are abusing their power and committing a crime. .

  • The rats can sleep because they are terrified of orkin.

  • news max tv is part of the deepstatepedonetwork.

  • I am wondering why President J. Biden didn't sign budget resolution 2021 since Friday…6 days ?!!!!$$$..
    What is he waiting many people dependable of that money…it is very important!!!!
    Did he is ligitimate President.. has the power to sign that budget or not…
    Please …don't change the topic of matter with the Trial of Impeach President D.Trump..
    President is only one…

  • My heart goes out to all the patriotic Americans who have to endure this despicable sham impeachment. Hoping that Mr Trump's legal team will expose all the violence incited and supported by the left and bring this colossal farce to an end. Blessings from Sydney Australia .

  • A lot of drama at the Capitol.

  • Don’t just get passed it ! what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Everyone of those criminals that have been elected to serve us need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law starting with Joe Biden and his 50+ executive orders Nancy Pelosi for inciting violence and treason also sedition against this country and against our president Donald Trump she needs along with Maxine Waters, AOC, Omar, Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many many more we Will not let this slide! Everyone of them need to be prosecuted for violence against this country and against our president.. all who committed fraud who knew about the fraud and who perpetrated the fraud! Also who hired those thugs on January 6 and then blamed Donald Trump for the insurrection. He did nothing wrong! But every Democrat leader that did something wrong and that sat by and did wrong should be prosecuted to the full extent no mercy!!! Our country is at stake!!

  • You are so right, and yes we are done with the uncomfortable unconstitutional BS, and yes it was stupid, it's still stupid, TRUMP,YES WON

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