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News from the end of the Earth: A journey through cruelty of Aleksandar Vučić 's regime

Fuck FakeNews.RS – Tyranny & Silence: Dictator Aleksandar Vučić`s Fake News

It's about time for the United States to impose sanctions on the Vučić regime's media

Fuck FakeNews.RS – Tyranny & Silence: Dictator Aleksandar Vučić`s Fake News

NEW YORK ( – This Rich TVX News Network article with the full support of the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the Pentagon, widens its scope to confront the rhetoric of pro-Vučić fake news portals in Serbia with the realities of political cruelty in Serbia. After Aleksandar Vučić came to power Vučić propaganda overturned the procedure. Aleksandar Vučić ‘s measures laid down a strict procedure for the operation of censorship of media in Serbia. Contravention of any of these measures would be punished by the regime, but at the same time the Vučić regime started tons of fake news portals, one of them is the most pathetic This pathetic portal is an insult to our intelligence, as the Rich TVX News Network shows how, for eight years, the criminal Vučić regime, the Serbian intelligence best known by the acronym UDBA, replaced with Security Information Agency (BIA), the State Security Service, also known by its original name as the State Security Administration, the secret police organization of Yugoslavia, had grown accustomed to a culture of silence (Omerta). This ridiculous portal claims to have contacted the US Embassy in Belgrade and inquired about us. This endless stupidity coupled with Serbian primitivism of the is mind blowing. It goes without saying that the staff at the US Embassy in Belgrade has better things to do than answer inquiries from Serbian amateurish pseudo journalistic websites, which look like someone puked them out. That is our personal opinion about Primitive barbarians do not know this, but the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the freedom of speech, religion and the press.

Read Here. Aleksandar Vučić Poses A Continuing Threat To The U.S. National Security

The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy FakeNews.RS Site Is The Outcome Of Yet Another Of Vučić´s Sins

According to our sources in Serbia, we received a link about the dictator Aleksandar Vučić, where he announced on his official Instagram profile that his brother Andrej Vučić has bilateral pneumonia. This fool of a dictator even drew his own brother into a criminal environment, but the information is that Aleksandar Vučić wants to protect his brother, declares him dead, and in fact, he leaves the country with a false identity. Of course, does not report about it, but instead, this pathetic site tries to offend us and to defile us with lies. The fake ever-untrustworthy site is the outcome of yet another of Vučić´s sins. According to the new rules of Aleksandar Vučić ‘s regime, contents were to be checked and censored both before and after online publication on web sites, and to keep by them a copy of the Index of prohibited web sites in Serbia. The censorship organized by the Vučić regime exists side by side with this censorship of the state. According to, the Rich TVX News Network is part of dark forces of Illuminati, but the biggest problem of this amazingly bad website seems the fact that we are promoting Nikola Sandulović as Serbia’s next president. Who else should we promote? Dragan Đilas? Vuk Jeremić? Who can take these bunch of fools at seriously? These idiots accuse us of not being journalists and of not being real. Thank goodness this pathetic mean website is run by real journalists. They are so real that they have lost all ethical and moral values, and support a dictator who has blood on his hands. Why is not reporting on Serbia’s poor orphans? Why doesn’t report about all the stolen children in Serbia every year. Who killed Slavko Ćuruvija? Who killed Oliver Ivanović? If there were really talks with criminal and rogue elements in the US embassy in Belgrade by the criminals from, it is high time that the new US administration cleans up these nests of corruption. The is busy making its own enemies, and it’s about time for the United States to impose sanctions on the Vučić regime’s media, and not only to imprison these criminals at, but all the others member of the Vučić media, who disguise themselves as journalists. These people are a disgrace to any journalist.

What A Joke! According To FakeNews.RS, The Rich TVX News Network Is Part Of Dark Forces Of Illuminati

Omerta Is A Mafia Code Of Silence

What are we accusing Vučić of? We accuse Vučić of creating an atmosphere where darkness can devour every citizen without anyone ever being held responsible. Now with this crime, the greatest danger for the autocratic Aleksandar Vučić regime is now, as the regime had successfully suppressed any information about Vladimir Cvijan, and his death was kept hidden from the public by the regime for three years, but reporting by the Rich TVX News Network had renewed fears that the United States was set upon regime change in Serbia. Vladimir Cvijan was a Serbian lawyer and politician who served as the legal advisor and General Secretary of the President of Serbia Boris Tadić, and after joining then opposition Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), he became a member of the party presidency and one of the most prominent members. True to form, the fake ever-untrustworthy Vučić media claims now that Vladimir Cvijan died by drowning in the Danube river on 5 January 2018 in Belgrade. Investigators into the Vladimir Cvijan killing will discover that Vladimir Cvijan was actually targeted for assassination by the Vučić regime who knew that he was the one who leaked documents about the improper activities of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) party, controlled by the dictator Aleksandar Vučić. The practice will be referred to as SNS Omerta. Aleksandar Vučić had stayed out of the limelight over Vladimir Cvijan´s death, the Serbia state media effectively kept out of the Vladimir Cvijan case. But by Friday, he and his’ handlers made themselves available, keen to tell their side of the Vladimir Cvijan story. In our exploration of the “Serbian fake news portals of tyranny and silence,” the Rich TVX News Network calls for a new politics in Serbia – a politics that puts absolute respect for human life. The first news about the brutality and totalitarian nature of Aleksandar Vučić ‘s regime was described eloquently in the widely praised Rich TVX News articles. Those living in Serbia are too scared to disobey Vučić laws, but to carry out the task of censorship of the Vučić regime faithfully some of the biggest criminals and human scum in Serbia were called in to help with the work. Aleksandar Vučić’s regime will collapse when the personnel of that regime, the administrative sections of the ruling class, which are the enemies of the Serbian people anyway, starts to question the framework of Aleksandar Vučić’s political and economic life, even the hint of reform is enough to inspire Serbians dissatisfied with the Aleksandar Vučić regime.

The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Vučić Media Claims Now That Vladimir Cvijan Died By Drowning In The Danube River

Nikola Sandulović Exposes The Injustices Of The Criminal Aleksandar Vučić Regime

Anyone who stands in the way of this criminal regime is under attack, but to set the record straight, the dirty criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime is not Serbia. Serbia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it is also the home to some of the most beautiful people, but Serbia has been occupied since 2012, since the Vučić regime came to power. The Rich TVX News Network is sharply critical of the Aleksandar Vučić´s regime occupation of Serbia, and introduced to the world the Serbian Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović, President of the Republican party in Serbia, who exposes the injustices of the Aleksandar Vučić regime and his bid to silence all political adversaries, that is the real reason why we are attacked by the fake ever-untrustworthy Vučić media. Also Nikola Sandulović and his family members, went through Vučić’s Terror. The Aleksandar Vučić regime versus Nikola Sandulović who conquered fear to challenge a dictator of unspeakable cruelty. With the coming to power of Nikola Sandulović, Serbia will be absolutely and exclusively tied economically, militarily, politically, and banking to the United States of America. No decisions of importance for the region, Serbia and EU, Serbia will be made without consultation and participation of U.S., nor will it conclude any foreign trade relations without consultations and participations of the United States. With Aleksandar Vučić, as President in Serbia, there will never be a lasting agreement and peace in the region, although Vučić has tried for many years to polish his image as a tolerant and peaceful politician.

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The Sky’s The Limit – Rich TVX News, And The Reinvention Of Television

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