Fitton on OAN: Nancy Pelosi's Jan. 6 Commission is Corrupt and Compromised

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “One America News Network” to discuss issues surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 commission and why related documents & video aren’t being released to the public. READ

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  • January 6 was NOT an insurrection. The crowd had hoped for a resurrection of the American Republic.
    Unfortunately, the government betrayed them & the Constitution.

  • Did Pelosi gave a shoot to kill order??

  • Nancy Pfelonosi is to blame. She failed to protect The People's "Temple" and knowingly failed to perform her number 1 duty for "that day". She did not protect The People (even the bad People have Rights) nor did she protect her Co-Public Servants. She has failed to perform her Constitutional duties for decades. Remove Pelosi #Treason

  • Unconstitutional election and lawlessness skullduggery lieing and hypocrisy.How the hell is this skullduggery happing! DOJ Tresonus rat basturds.

  • Oops! Another one got past Youtube.
    Better bury it with commercials.

  • It was not JUST lax security. Orders contrary to security standards were given, and what ensued was INVITED.

  • Pelosi just flat out needs to be arrested at this point.

  • Trying to take nuke codes from Trump also

  • She sure is they let her know ahead of time also mcconnell

  • Can someone please tell me why old Nancy has not been throwed out of congress. She makes this country look bad, no one trust the government because of her and she is power hungry and she will do anything to keep it. I would lov eto see her thrown out. Lets have a protest against her and try to get our country back in some order

  • More real news please! Keep it up! Great guest! Tom Fitton is the man!

  • Tyranny grows where leftist dems go. Hitler, Stalin & Mao would love this Biden administration, in fact they may be channeling and directing it right now !

  • Bingo…zero transparency!

  • I will think that a whole lot more people should be interested on this information but no, they care more about silly videos in tik took that numbs their minds.

  • It won't matter what happens going forward with the USA Government. The reality of what is actually going on will be coming out before the end of 2021. Ever heard of THE INSURRECTION ACT? If not, then one may want to look up what that is actually all about…??? And just so you know President Trump did sign THE INSURRECION ACT in January 2021 well before January 20. 2021. That fires signature from Trump was good for two months. Then is was for the second time to be good until May 20. 2021. It has actually been signed for a third time and now Trump and a few of his selections from the USA Military are actually in charge of the USA. Biden is a puppet…nothing more. Everything that Biden has tried (or rather those that are working for him and the Democrats) has failed. Even those at the border who are trying to enter the USA are being held.

  • Jan 6 is an arranged FF with FBI /Pelousey to uses as a weapon against Trump


    To the Americans People,World Leaders and World Populations,



    To the Americans People Supreme Court Judges Republicans Officials,

    What Will the Supreme Court Judges do and Issue a Subpoena to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxim Waters or Resign and Step Down for not Keeping their Oaths and follow the Constitutions so others can take Over the Supreme Court Judges Vacancy Seats.

    Is not Joe Biden Administration on January 6 because Joe Biden is A PUPPET for Nancy Pelosi by staying in the Basement.

    Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxim Waters Administration for January 6. on behalf for Joe Biden.

    Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxim Waters are the Instigators for Fraud Ballots that will make Joe Biden will be a Fake President through Fraud Ballots that will Destroy America and the Americans People Families.

    Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxim Waters must be remove from
    the House.

    Wow the Republicans Officials Speech so Beautiful we the Americans People Agreed with the Republicans Officials,
    Congress Senators Governors Mayors must Remove
    NANCY PELOSI before November.

    Now we the Americans People wants to know when will the Actions Will be taking place Against the Impeachment of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Maxim Waters and the Democrats Officials or Just Beautiful Speech.

    Republicans Officials Speech so Beautiful we the Americans People Agreed with the Republicans Officials,Congress Senators Governors Mayors you have all Prove and Witnesses to Impeach Democrats Officials , When or Just Talk to Tickle the Americans People and their Families.?

    To the Americans Citizens, and the World Leaders,

    Remember the One World Order , Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Maxim Waters and the Democrats Officials,
    How to implement a One World Order, by putting a Micro Chips in a human being when there will be coming more Chaos, Jobs and Foods Shortage.

    Only those who have the Micro Chips in them then they are allow to buy Foods and allow to work.

    Now to the World Leaders,

    China Communists Party is the Root of All Evils and the Cause for the World Problem in the World the Starting by Realising the Viruses and those Countries that are with China Communist Party ideology are the Soldiers of SATAN.

    The Next move is to Destroy Religion around the World And Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party will Implement the Communists Religion, the Anti Christ is Evil Xiang Ji Ping remember he claim to have his own Bible.

    So now to the World Leaders if the World Leaders don’t stop China Communist Party Xiang Ji Ping than prepare for Evil Xiang Ji Ping to take Over the World and Xiang Ji Ping is preparing the Coming of Satan.

    If the World Leaders can’t See the Wrong things that Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party is doing to the World than How can the World Leaders wants to see the TRUTH.

    Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party Ideology is Using Money, Trade to Destroy the World.

    To All World Leaders and Americans Leaders

    Sanctions China Communist Party Ideology Now and Destroy Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party Ideology. Or Face the Destruction in your Countries. 1112.


  • Thank you Tom Fitton what can be done?

  • This is so wrong Pelosi said people will do whatever they do when portland is destroyed and san fran is a dumpster for the destroyed people , you can that the Pelosi.Family criminal care for this .

  • Yes, Pelosi is responsible and just blames Trump and his supporters!

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