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Drake and J. Cole Unveil ‘First Person Shooter’: A Visual Journey through Musical Brilliance

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First Person Shooter

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Collaborative Hit

Drake and J. Cole have recently unveiled the visual accompaniment for their collaborative hit, “First Person Shooter,” a track that has ascended the charts within the For All the Dogs collection. This latest video release seamlessly follows Drake’s preceding visual narratives for For All the Dogs’ “8am in Charlotte” and “Another Late Night.” Commencing their joint North American tour in January, the duo demonstrates their prowess not only in the musical realm but also in the visual storytelling domain.Directed by Gibson Hazard, the video features a noteworthy cameo from Brian Baumgartner, recognized for his portrayal of Kevin in The Office. Ironically situated within an office setting, Baumgartner engages in video gaming while immersing himself in the sonic tapestry of the record.

Drake - First Person Shooter ft. J Cole


The narrative swiftly transitions into a high-stakes ping-pong showdown between Drake and J. Cole, introducing a competitive element to the visual narrative.The intensity escalates as the competitive spectacle seamlessly transitions to a cerebral battlefield, manifesting as a chess board. Here, the two rappers engage in a strategic contest, testing the depths of their mental fortitude. The video further explores the nuances of their camaraderie, culminating in a playful reenactment of Cole’s notable punch line, “The Spider-Man meme is me looking at Drake.” Drizzy assumes the Spidey mask, immortalizing this meme-worthy moment in their collaborative journey. As the artists embark on their North American tour, the “First Person Shooter” video serves as a captivating testament to their multifaceted talents and dynamic creative synergy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the “First Person Shooter” video in Drake and J. Cole’s collaboration?

The “First Person Shooter” video stands as a visual representation of Drake and J. Cole’s collaborative hit within the For All the Dogs collection, showcasing their musical and visual storytelling prowess. It follows Drake’s prior visual narratives for “8am in Charlotte” and “Another Late Night.”

Who directed the “First Person Shooter” video, and what notable cameo is featured in it?

The video was directed by Gibson Hazard, and it features a cameo from Brian Baumgartner, renowned for his portrayal of Kevin in The Office. Baumgartner, ironically placed in an office setting, engages in video gaming while immersed in the sonic landscape of the record.

What competitive elements are introduced in the “First Person Shooter” video?

The video escalates with a high-stakes ping-pong showdown between Drake and J. Cole, adding a competitive layer to the visual narrative. The intensity further transpires onto a cerebral battlefield represented by a chess board, where the rappers engage in a strategic contest.

Can you elaborate on the reenactment of J. Cole’s punch line in the video?

The video playfully reenacts J. Cole’s memorable punch line, “The Spider-Man meme is me looking at Drake.” This moment is immortalized as Drizzy assumes the Spidey mask, adding a whimsical touch to their collaborative journey.

When does Drake and J. Cole’s joint North American tour commence?

The duo embarks on their joint North American tour in January, showcasing not only their musical synergy but also their dynamic creative collaboration.

What notable achievements does Drake have in his music career?

Drake, a Canadian rapper and singer, has achieved critical and commercial success with albums like “Take Care” and “Scorpion.” He holds records for the most top 10 singles, most charted songs, and the most continuous time on the Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur, heading ventures such as OVO Sound record label, OVO fashion label, and collaborations with Nike, among others.


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