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Dictator Aleksandar Vučić’s Fake Assassination Drama

Nikola Sandulović confronted tyrant Aleksandar Vučić on Twitter

Dictator Aleksandar Vučić’s Fake Assassination Drama

NEW YORK ( — Along with the exposure of the crimes of the Kremlin spies in Serbia, Velja Nevolja and his criminal group, what the Vučić regime could have asked for more? No one in the last years has done more to promote serious interest in the hysteria of fake assassination on Aleksandar Vučić than the criminal regime in Serbia itself, by instigating journalists in Serbia to think about and to do research on the planned Vučić assassination. As we know, the Kremlin, the Balkan Mafia and the Serbian Criminal Underworld play an important role in Serbian regime´s fake assassination drama, against Aleksandar Vučić. How many times has the dictator been assassinated so far? Almost every time the dictator steals something, he lies to the Serbian public about an assassination attempt on him. We are convinced that all three above mentioned have no other worries in life than trying to kill the Serbian tyrant. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin refuses the idea of a triangular conspiracy between the Kremlin, the Balkan Mafia and the Serbian Criminal Underworld to kill dictator Aleksandar Vučić. This hysteria is being whipped up artificially in Serbia through the fake ever-untrustworthy Vučić media. In the midst of the tumult about Belgrade’s sensational disclosures, the Serbian government went hysterical but nobody ever provided any evidence to support those hysteria. In retrospect, it is amazing that the Vučić regime was able to get as far as they did. The President of Serbian Republican Party, Nikola Sandulović described reports about the planned Vučić assassination as “fake news.” Nikola Sandulović confronted Aleksandar Vučić on Twitter: “Dictator @avucic should explain to the citizens of Serbia why the Russians want to assassinate him?”, Sandulović wrote on January 23. Of course, the dictator did not answer. In any other country, the authorities collect first all the evidence and then go public. Only in Serbia it is possible that some idiots of the regime go public first, only to lie about a conspiracy to kill the president, without providing a single piece of evidence. If Russian special services, the Balkan Mafia and the Serbian Criminal Underworld had wanted to kill Aleksandar Vučić they would have “finished him off long ago without much noise.”

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