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Twitter is dead: Stone cold dead

They’re dead for heaven’s sake

Twitter is dead: Stone cold dead

NEW YORK ( — Once upon a time we would have called Twitter cool. But take a look at Twitter today, regardless of Elon Musk, Twitter is sprawled in the dead center of 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103 with his head caved in, his body broken in many places, lying in a thickening pool of his own blood. We really like Elon Musk but no matter if Elon Musk is the owner on paper, the arrogant email which just arrived from Twitter support loomed over us like a melancholy mist, and proof again that Elon Musk is surrounded by evil people. He is helpless against them. Deep, dark, and dead, Twitter was still able to cast a presence over all who worked within its empty frame. The rest of the Rich TVX News Network team watched from afar. We are touched by the tragedy, and all the money burned by Elon Musk for nothing. If it is an evil tragedy to us, it is a dirty, stinking, fearful, and ominous event for some of the good people inside Twitter, and we are sure that some good Twitter employees must exist. When we opened the email of the arrogant Twitter support, it said, “Twitter is dead, Rich TVX News Network. Stone cold dead. Ain’t no way we gonna bring old Twitter back.” Turning toward the Twitter support, we introduced ourselves and expressed our sorrow. We felt awkward. What words could we say that would take away the pain and honor of realising that Twitter is dead and gone forever? “We really sorry,” we thought, but we will build our own Twitter without vicious Deep State operatives, and our Twitter will really be free; Without all those self-righteous idiots who suppress freedom of speech, and all those jerks who hate America and admire Anthony Fauci. Our Twitter will be much better, and without censorship, but then for a second, we paused. “Good God, get a grip on yourself. They’re dead for heaven’s sake.” Rest in peace.