Breaking Down Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s Conflict of Interest With China

As details continue to come to light about Hunter Biden’s suspicious dealings with China, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has also been coming under fire for conflicts of interest with the communist country. One America’s Richard Pollock spoke with Peter Schweizer and has more from Washington.

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  • No wonder our government is in such of a mess, too many of Congress are tied at the hip with our enemies!

  • McConnell
    never had Trump’s back. McConnell is a self centered, establishment
    RINO who for all appearances is likely a part of the massive DC deep
    state. 74 MILLION American voters supported Trump in this election. We
    are pissed at how our POTUS has seen no support from the party he
    represents. We 74 MILLION Trump supporters need to leave the GOP and
    form a party that supports term limits for congress and the senate,
    exposing and prosecuting all members of the deep state for treason and a
    complete overhaul of the DOJ, FBI, Federal Courts and all spy agencies.
    Absolutely no RINO's will be admitted to this new party. The Michael
    Steele's, Paul Ryan's, Kasich's, McConnell's, Bush's, and the rest of
    the self centered, establishment, deep state criminals will be amazed to
    see what 'their party' looks like minus 74 MILLION patriotic Americans.

  • Both sides of the house and senate need to be purged

  • Trump needs to sign an executive order “The tar and feather act 2020”

  • Down with these sellouts, they wanna sell us out? Then kick em out of the country.

  • These politicians need to be strung upside down by a lamppost in the town square, tarred and feathered.

  • I bet that’s the only reason McConnell is married to her……that and she gives great massages.

  • Wtf! Bunch of traitors! They All need destroyed!

  • I don't know why you would have a guest who thinks Joe Biden will be president

  • Weak conservatives

  • Mitch McConnell is a damn disgrace. It’s time to give DC an enema! We have the best government CCP money can buy.

  • War criminals getting a pardon. A “banana republic?” Trump makes sure the world will not forget USA is known like this.

  • When the president finally does pull this election curse off.
    During his second term I hope he establishes a real conservative party and we can finally once and for all tell the Republicans and the Democrats to go plumb Chuck to hell

  • They're all traders every one of them are traders to this country traders to their oath of office and they all should be thrown out Republican and Democrat alike should all be recalled and throat out we need to start from scratch put our constitution in the f**** Hall and let everybody know this is how the laws done or you can get out

  • Everybody knows Mitch McConnell has been a crook throughout his entire time in Washington.
    It's just like we all know that this election is fraud it's just been set up in a such a way that it's very difficult to actually according to the law prove it.
    So Mr President take the law put it into your own hands do the right thing for the American people.
    that'll shock the hell out of all of them but in the long run it'll do the right thing we'll get the right outcome and that's really what matters in this cesspool called Washington

  • Isn’t it a crime to accept bribes?
    Let’s get some trials going! Prosecute these rats!

  • I mean no insult, but if Nicholas Cage had a daughter, I’d imagine she could look like this news anchor. 👍🏻

  • That explains it. Might have known. This is getting very worrying.

  • America is rife with these fucking traitors

  • Every day more and more get exposed

  • Conservatives: McConnell is corrupt.
    Liberals: YOU DON'T SAY!

  • McConnell's priorities: 1) McConnell, 2) money, 3) McConnell, 4) Money. McConnell's non-priorities: 1) America, 2) the US Constitution, 3) Integrity, 4) Truth. He, without a doubt, wins re-election after re-election because of fraudulent elections in his home state. What will you voters in his state do with such a traitor?

  • Well ya 🤔 think…,

  • Get rid of mcconell

  • Term Limits!

  • It’s time for the American people. The corruption is a big issue in USA now. In God we trust. USA USA USA 🇺🇸 💪


  • You need to look at the Rothschild/China connection. China is controlled by the Roths. Have been since Mao. The deep state is controlled by the Roths. The roths want America totally subjugated and will and have plans to depopulate us by 80%. They will use the vaccines to do it. Starting now. By 2025 the USA population will be down to 99 million. This is thei plan

  • A he married a Chinese woman that's the only reason.

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