Biden Is Playing the Blame Game on Border Crisis | Chad Wolf on One America News

Heritage Visiting Fellow Chad Wolf joined One America News, Tuesday, March 23, to talk about the latest on the border crisis, how the crisis is growing every day, and why the Biden administration needs to abandon its radical, open-borders agenda.

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  • He missed one variable in his formula. The ones caught represent 1/3 of those crossing, per Border Patrol official statements. So we need to multiply his result by three to get a more accurate guesstimate.

  • I am an immigrant. I came here legally, had to pay and go through a lot of paperwork, had to live with a sponsor family, had to speak the language, have a trade, be healthy, had to wait for years – and I didn't get a dime or a hotel room. Would have been a lot easier to swim that muddy river

  • So Joe (almost) admitted that Trump was Right on The Border all along, as anyone with Any Sense already Knows.

  • We are Witnessing the systematic Destruction of the Ecomony and The United States of America under this Administration.

  • It's to bankrupt America n thier all in on it.

  • Mr. Wolf once had our community Representatives (Coachella Valley, Riverside County California) concern about breaking laws and being held accountable

  • Impeach stuped old sleepy joe exotic needs voted out rino's to

  • Biden/Harris Admin must reinstate Trumps policies on immigration. This is what Americans want. Giving out court dates to illegals is ludicrous, they don’t show up. Stop letting them in.

  • Where's SOROS?

  • COME ON, MAN. This is 💯 on Biden – Trump had it under full control.

  • Repent and trust Jesus Christ before it’s eternally to late

  • The incompetent handling is all on the current squatter administration.

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