13-Minute News Hour with Bobby Eberle – U.S. Olympian Gwen Berry REJECTS National Anthem 6/28/21

American athlete Gwen Berry made the U.S. Olympic team over the weekend and quickly showed why she should not be on it. As the national anthem played and other athletes faced the flag with hands over their hearts, Gwen Berry turned away. Is this a person who should be representing America at the Tokyo Olympics?

Before the anthem was finished, Berry placed a shirt over here head which read “activist athlete.” The Olympics is where athletes fight for victories and world records, not social justice and BLM. Raised fists are for the boxing ring, not for the podium.


⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:36 Olympian turns away during national anthem
5:25 University slammed for “oppressive” words list
9:06 Trump holds packed rally in Ohio
13:40 Despite veto threat, Romney say he trusts Biden

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  • If she doesn’t respect our country she should not be representing our country!!!!!

  • Yogi- Hey Boo Boo, let's go find a lynch-a-nic basket.

  • when a country has gone too shite , whats to be proud off

  • Maybe next time, a woke male will run against her and leave her in the dust at the back of the pack.

  • Ugly people always hate nice things.

  • Disgusting!

  • I hate this EVIL DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-AMERICA CRAP and this is exactly why I DON'T WATCH SPORTS teams and basically boycott businesses because of this Anti-America TRAITOR CRAP !!!! They have NO BUSINESS being on the Olympic team !!! These athletes are supposed to be representing America and not their Anti-America tyrannical SOULLESS Communist MARXIST beliefs !!!!! Being they HATE America so much they should seek to become citizens of EVIL LYING DESTRUCTIVE SOULLESS COMMUNUIST Russia or any other Communist country !!!! And she only made third place throwing a hammer ?! Since when was throwing a hammer a sport ?!! That is weird !

  • She’s mad cuz she’s a hammer thrower. Move out of my country woman!!! This is the country of Patriots and real Americans.

  • No and HELL NO

  • she does not represent our nation if you do not represent our flag.

  • Give her a one-way ticket to any other country of her choice.

  • NO! SHE SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO BE ON THE TEAM NOW, OR EVER AGAIN… Unless she can honestly say, with apologies, that she was wrong for doing that. If you can't respect our country (who gave her this opportunity) or our anthem and flag (for which soldiers have fought and died for), then she can go find someplace else that she can respect and stand for that flag. We have a whole bunch of spoiled brats in this country!! We have let them push this agenda for too long, and now they think the can hold the country hostage with this behavior!

  • We need our president back to the white house

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